Pineridge Hills under seige!

Well, the love of my life is at it again! My husband, my “MacGyver” is knee deep in paint, spackle and dropcloths! He is determined to get the house finished and has assured me this is the last time he will put paint brush to wall – ever! hmmmm, better make sure I can live with these colors for ever!!

I am searching out drapes and couches…..I love my pictures that have been with us for years, they cost me a fortune to have framed so I am going to spruce them up a bit by taking the picture frames off, and painting the mats….I got a quart of the grey “Flagstone” down in a lighter shade….all the frames will be sprayed flat black…..this will give all the pictures a cohesive look…..frames don’t always have to be the same design but the black will bring them all together……the windows next to the fireplace will be replaced with large stationary paned picture windows…..and then my “MacGyver” is going to build window seats underneath. Below is how the family room looks now during the renovation….2014-04-22 13.55.37
The picture below is the look I’m going for, on either side of the fireplace, minus the side window….
Bay-Window-Seating-With-Windows-Seats-Design-Ideas-Look-Gorgeous-With-Storage-Space I am adding sconces over the mantle….as you can see below “MacGyver” has already opened the wall and wired for the sconces! These are the ones I have ordered – I love the softness they will bring to the room and some glam!
FYI – he started 10:00 this morning and has gotten all this done! He claims he will be finished with all the painting by Monday!

2014-04-22 15.20.49
Here are all the tools from the “Magician’s Box!”
2014-04-22 15.21.05
The rest of the first floor is getting a facelift too….the center hall is being painted as is the breakfast room….and the entire oak staircase is being stained in dark cherry.
2014-04-22 13.56.24
2014-04-22 13.56.05
2014-04-22 13.55.14
The arched windows will get dressed in moldings (My husband will order Flex molding for the arches) and then we will have a runner put up the staircase.
So I’ll keep you updated and share all our progress next week….in the meantime have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!


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  1. God bless Mr. MacGyver! The man has the patience of Jobe.

  2. Looks beautiful so far! Can’t wait to see it with furniture an pictures! Oh how I wish my husband was handy! He’s good in a lot of other ways though!!

    • well he starts out like a house on fire! now we need to keep him going! lol! thanks for stopping by!

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