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Bookshelves. Books,books and more books! Did I mention I love books? Lol! I think its the writer in me. I have always loved books since I can remember. When I got one for a birthday or even one hiding under the Christmas tree I was thrilled. So needless to say I have always had bookshelves in my home. When my daughters were little, my husband and I invested in a set of Britannica encyclopedia’s. You remember them, don’t you? that’s what we used before Wikipedia online came about! I paid $14.00 a month back in 1975. I donated them to our local library before we moved to PineRidge Hills. I wonder if anyone even looks through them? Children should be raised with books not an ipad. That can come later. Well, now that you know how I feel about books would you like to know what’s on my shelves? lets take a peek!

I love decorating, cooking, crafting, quilting, anything Martha Stewart, Carolyne Roehm, Nell Hill and Bunny Williams… and of course my collection of “Spirit of Christmas”…I was so sad to see the series come to an end several years ago. I also started collecting the “Victoria” Christmas series. I also have a shelf for travel and gardening.  and a shelf for all my fiction…..I love James Patterson, especially when I’m in the mood to be scared to death,  and of course all my “Barefoot Contessa” cookbooks.

I so enjoy siting in my rocking chair and just immerse myself in whatever I’m reading.  I start my “Christmas Reading” in July.  Copy whatever projects I want to make and get all the supplies by August.  I then try to get things moving along by Labor Day. Summer is done by then in my mind and Autumn is just around the corner which is, next to Christmas my most favorite time of year.

I also love to sit by the fire and read……its the greatest, most selfish thing I do in the fall and winter!

So what’s on your shelf?


spirit 2
martha 2
martha 3
Even my little table has books on it!
chair 1
My work corner is almost done….I’ll be hanging some artwork that my daughter did.
And my office/library wouldn’t be complete without my New York pillow! just a little bit of home….when I see it I smile and remember my former home with love……
It’s very foggy and a bit chilly today here at PineRidge Hills, think I’ll brew a big cup of Earl Grey, grab a book on my travel shelf and settle into my rocker……hmmmmm, where shall we go today? Weather looks great in spain……

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  1. Hi Lois,
    I think we have lots in common – I love Earl grey tea and books. I too had a set of Britannia encyclopedias. I use to love to look at them and to think my kids used them for assignments. I am fortunate that both my children still love to read books. Even my grandson who is 9 asked for books for his birthday. I hope he continues to love them.

    Boy does Martha look thin and young on her book. lol!

    • Hi Beverly!
      It warms my heart when children would rather read a book than play video games! thx for your memories! And yes Martha does look thin – she still looks great for her age!
      Happy Thursday…


  2. LOVE this! You have several of my favorite books and authors – LOVE Carolye Roehm! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  3. I am visiting from Rattlebridge Farm Foodie Friday. I decided to take a look past the b&w book club post. I feel the same way about books. We ahve lots and left lots overseas when we moved back to the US. Evne though I love ebooks for fiction, I still love a hard back for the books with photos. Enjoyed seeing your home. Look forward to more.

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