First Day of Spring!!!

……..Wait for it……………..

  FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! I know!

I am so excited…….and no, I’m not listening to the extended weather report….. some fool on the weather channel said something about cold air and snow next week…… nope, this girl is not listening!

Now, I know your all excited… lets see how we can spend the First Day of Spring…….


  • Add bursts of color throughout your house. Arrange fresh, cut flowers in vases and bowls in every room. Wear them in your hair.

  • Plan a primavera picnic dinner. If you can’t take a blanket outside just yet, set it up in the family room….make believe the floor is the back yard!

  • Peruse all of those mail-order catalogs that bombard your mailbox. Pick out new bathing suits and beach towels for the upcoming summer fun.

  • Host an impromptu Spring brunch. Invite your friends and concentrate on warmer-weather foods like pasta salads, cold fish, meat or poulty dishes, served with white wine or champagne.

  • Clear out the winter blues with spring cleaning. Put away those sweaters and leggings and the down jackets. Prepare space for all those spring fashions you’re dying to wear. Clean the house from top to bottom and make sure you put out any art or other items you have that can lend the place a splash of seasonal color.

  • Start planning your plantings. Visit your local nursery to buy the seeds and to replace any tired gardening tools such as rakes and hoes.  You may not be able to plant the seeds outside right now, but just anticipating your beautiful garden can be a fun way to celebrate the day.
  • And finally get out and revel. Hike along a nature trail, walk through a forest, climb a hill or mountain, stroll along the beach, spend the day horseback riding, visit the local park and ride on the swings. It’s spring!

In the United States, the first day of spring is considered to be the same day as the vernal equinox, which usually falls on March 20–the day that the sun shines equally on the northern and southern hemispheres, and the day has an equal percentage of daylight and darkness. In the southern hemisphere, the first day of spring occurs in September.

Vernal Equinox

  • The vernal equinox occurs at the point during the earth’s yearly rotation around the sun when the sun shines directly on the equator. This makes the length of daylight and nighttime exactly equal. In North America, this is considered the first day of spring. It falls on March 20 most years. Because the day is determined by the earth’s rotation, there are some years that it falls on March 21, as it did in 2003 and 2007. This not set to happen again until 2044.


  • The Greek astronomer Hipparchus noticed that there are two times of the year when the sun shines directly on the equator. In pagan cultures, the end of winter and beginning of spring has been celebrated with feasting and socializing with the Eostar ritual, which later evolved into the name for the Christian Easter Sunday……

Southern Hemisphere

  • In the southern hemisphere, the first day of spring occurs on September 23. Southern hemisphere seasons are reversed from the northern hemisphere because of the tilt of the earth and the position of the sun. During the northern hemisphere’s spring, the southern hemisphere is experiencing fall. Likewise, while countries in the northern hemisphere are experiencing fall weather in September, October and November, spring is in full swing in the the southern hemisphere.

Disputes Over Date in Great Britain

  • In Great Britain, there are two opinions on when spring officially begins. One opinion goes along with the astronomical calendar and places the first day of spring on the spring equinox. However, the country’s meteorological office changed from that position in 2006 and announced that because most people consider March, April and May to be the three spring months, March 1 should be considered the first day of spring. The official date is still open for debate.

Mexican Celebration

  • On the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, the vernal equinox is celebrated at the Mayan ruin of Chichen-Itza. Tourists and locals observe the sun cast shadows over the pyramid. As many as 40,000 visitors travel to the site each year. Because this spot is close to the equator, the shadows are dramatic because of the direct sunlight.

With Spring now here, we start thinking of entertaining, brunch on the deck and supper in the garden……so here are a few idea’s to get your “Spring on!”

placecard art

carrier pigeon placecard

Stenciled Animal Mugs

painted animal mugs

Make Your Own Vases

Craft A Spring Sachet

Patchwork Pillow

AND one of my favorite idea’s! Perfect for that person who still loves to read an actual book!……

Book Bag

Take a beloved hardcover off the shelf and put it on your shoulder by transforming it into a smart-looking purse. All you’ll need, in addition to the book itself, is half a yard of fabric, a $4.99 handle kit, some ribbon, a button — and a free afternoon.
To all of you who thought Spring was never going to come…….Happy First Day of Spring!
Now go out and enjoy……..

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  1. Good ideas all. I often use bottles for vases, and I especially like the idea of tieing them together. Simple and clever.

    • hi Linda!
      I love them too……can’t wait for nice weather so I can set the table outside!
      Thanks for stopping by….

  2. All fab ideas for Spring!

    • thanks Pamela! Working on several projects this week…..been MIA the last two days! but back posting this afternoon…thanks so much for stopping by….


  3. Wonderful ideas love the bottles as vases grouped together! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

    • Thank you Kathy……been under the weather this week…..will be back online tonight….Have a great weekend!


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