Dogs vs. Bunny!

Well, we figured its getting to be that time again… know when the grass starts to get that bright green color and windows get washed……Mommy starts humming as she makes the floor all wet with that stick….we can never understand why she yells at us when we try to play hockey with her…isn’t that what she’s trying to do with that big stick?  Parents can be so hard to figure out sometimes! She had the doors open today but there still that wet white stuff on the deck so we can’t go out and play… matter….we found something else to occupy us while Mommy is cleaning and redoing that big thing Daddy made for her……”What Oliver?” ohhhh, my brother said it’s called a Hutch……

Mommy has this bunny that just wants to sit on his chair, the bunnies outside are always running and hopping over each other but this one does nothing….well, that’s about to change!

While she was moving things around she put Bunny and his chair on the floor – our floor – so naturally we were curious!what!

“What do you mean we can’t play with him?”….”ARRR, jeez, mom we never have any fun!” “Hey, Elvis you grab the egg he’s holding, I’ll knock him off and we’ll run under the table! Mommy, will think Oliver did it!”gang up

“What? Are you trying to get me into trouble again?” The last time you blamed me for dragging mommy’s cookies off the table and I didn’t get any!” “I’m not letting this bunny out of my sight, until Daddy comes home!”oliver through me
“Oh, yeah! Well, the bunny is mine – you can have the egg!” elvis mad
……..Uh-oh, here comes mommy with the big stick and I don’t think she wants to play hockey!……

“Bunny, your on your own!”

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