A Valentine Table

It’s Sunday night, snow is falling again, and I’m thinking how pretty would an outdoor Valentine table setting be? I found one at a beautiful blog below……

But not sure I could enjoy sitting on my deck with two feet of snow…..need to think indoors…..

Isn’t this beautiful…….

I love the idea of a non-traditional table setting….this is so creative and fun!


What an adorable table for two!


I love this idea for a Valentine get together…pretty boxes down the table maybe with some pink flowers and greenery tucked inside……


Ohhh, to be lucky enough to live where February  can be celebrated on a porch!

Who said Valentine’s day has to be “RED?”

I love grey and pink!

Soooo romantic!

And finally, oh wait a minute, is that an Easter bunny I see on the table? how did he get there! I’m so wanting Spring!

Well, I hope I’ve inspired you a little with some idea’s for your romantic table…whether it be set for two or twenty…..as long as its filled with love…….

See you tomorrow! lots going on this week!


<img id=”Image1_img” alt=”Inspire Me Tuesday” src=”https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ttkG-CtxDDw/Uk7w5FglbGI/AAAAAAAAnFM/z3HXq4ZXxic/s410/100_7891rrrr%2Bcopy%2Bcopy.jpg” width=”200″ height=”136″ />

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