Snow vs. Spring!

Hi everyone!

Yes I know…its been a few days…..but there has been a series of events that has kept me awfully busy since Friday…..

It’s called …..SNOW….

……. yes, can you believe it?……..SNOW…….like we didn’t have enough!

I have it on good authority that Mother Nature went to visit her second cousin on her mothers side who lives in Buffalo , NY and got snowed in! Her I-phone was not charged so she is unreachable!

How does that sound?……..

I know I didn’t buy it either when my husband, the Plow God offered up this as an excuse for forging the most beautiful circular driveway through the four feet of snow we have, and forgot to make a pathway for the oil company when they attempt to deliver oil tomorrow!

So of course forge ahead and hit the mountain of snow on the side of the house with the plow….you know the song ” Sometimes your windshield sometimes your the bug?” I was singing it yesterday as I attempted to pull the pickup, encased in the snow, with the jeep! Needless to say shovels were our last line of defense, the snow finally gave us back the truck and the plow……I then asked Sherlock if he had any other ideas and he answered yes……..but it involved a  shotgun, a bottle of Jack Daniels and a cigar…..I turned and quietly went into the house……I didn’t like any of those options……

So I went back to my sewing and baking and dreaming of Spring! You know, time of year when you see another color other than white? usually green… grass…..yellow….. like daffodils……furry gray running across the lawn…like bunnies……


Now for those of you who were digging out their beach towels – four more inches of snow tomorrow… I’m dreaming in pastels for the next few days…….and pray the oil company has a sense of humor!

I’ve been busy trying to decide how I’ll welcome Spring in when it finally comes to Pineridge Hills……so been perusing the internet to see what inspires me and makes me see the light at the end of the snow tunnel……what do you think?

I am feeling “Mossy Green” this year…….

Love this modern sleek Spring look….I think I would use Bunnies instead……

Bright & Springy!        love this – so colorful! No “Snow woes” here……

Easter Table Setting

Outdoor Charm

Easter Brunch Centerpiece

Pink accents…

Easter EggTable Setting

One of my favorite blog’s: Rattlebridge farm…(visit Michael West and see her unbelievable new kitchen) her tablescapes are always beautiful! and her farm!

Original Easter Bird Tablescape Designed by Michael West

I’m so loving this use of an old birdcage……

Potted Plant Display – line these up on a window sill to brighten your day…..

Potted Plant Display

Frame an old Easter card or several cards and place on your hutch or use as place-cards on your Spring table!

Framed Easter Postcard

Cut some branches either leave natural or spray paint them white and pink (Or any color your heart desires) and cut from cardstock pretty butterflies….or you can but foam cutout butterflies and/or other Spring shapes (Usually by the bucket) and glue to the edges of the branches…..I would punch a small hole in the piece and tie it to the branch with pretty ribbon….

Easter Butterfly Tree

Love these embossed plates…need to keep my eye open on my next trek to Home Goods!

What a great idea for mismatched cups & saucers! Especially demitasse sets….Maybe add some moss and make an individual place card holder and a “Take Home” gift….

Tea Time Flower Display

Adorable birds nest (craft stores sell them in all sizes) I would fill with colorful Easter eggs – another great idea for place-cards…

Twig Easter Nest Centerpiece

Flower Easter Cups / Form a flowerlike favor by nesting a mini paper baking cup inside a standard-size one. Perch both on an egg cup and fill with an Easter treat…..

Flower Easter Cups

Book Page Wreath

Pretty Wreath Made of Book Pages

Spring Watering can with flowers…don’t throw away the rusty can – repurpose it!

Spring Watering Can with Flowers

Hanging Easter eggs! A bunch of pastel Easter eggs works as a festive decoration for your front door. Wrap plastic foam egg shapes (available at crafts supply stores) with crepe paper, and attach the ends with glue or a small straight pin. Add yellow ribbon, secured with small straight pins, and leave a long end for tying. Gather the eggs at various lengths and tie the ribbons together. Finish it off with a pretty bow, and hang the decoration from a removable adhesive hook or wreath hanger.

Hanging Easter Egg Decoration

Easter Dinner…….yum!

Ham with Five spice Cherry sauce

Ham with Five-Spice Cherry Sauce

Beef tenderloin with Parmesan herb stuffing

Beef Tenderloin with Parmesan-Herb Stuffing

And Dessert!

Vanilla Ruffle Cake

Vanilla Ruffle Cake

Double White Chocolate layer Cake

Double-Layer White Chocolate Cake

Orange Cream Pop Cupcakes

Orange Cream Pop Cupcakes

Butter Cakes with Sour Cream Frosting

Buttercakes with Sour Cream Frosting


Well, have I Colored your day a little? I hope so……just remember Spring will come – I promise! until then keep dreaming in pastels…..and if you see my husband coming down the road in his pickup……and he offers to plow…..ask yourself this….

“Today do you want to be the windshield or the Bug?”……..hmmmmm……

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  1. Hey Lois, Thank you so much for beautiful bouquet. It is so pretty I can almost smell the flowers.
    Did I happen to see some of John Henry’ pastel cousins in one of the pictures?

    Remember just in case it happens:
    Spring is sprung the grass is riz I wonder where the birdies is! Yes, I have lost it.

  2. Oh my such gorgeous vignettes and such beautiful pictures. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

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