Progressive Lunch…


  two days in a row…. Seriously?

It’s still only 22 degrees out but at least the Sun is shining down on all our “Ice Trees”……

Today I’m hosting an impromptu Luncheon…….a few friends and I get together for lunch to plan our next get together, you’ve heard of Progressive Dinner Parties? where you go to one house for appetizers, then onto someone else for the main course and finally at the last house – dessert!….well we are doing something similar for lunch….with a twist……because its only lunch we choose the host, and we bring everything there….the twist? We choose the menu from one of the cookbooks on the hosts table, while we gossip over coffee and dessert! We aim for once a month, schedules permitting, and are always asking more friends to join….this way we are always guaranteed a months worth of laughs and local gossip!  We try to get creative and sometimes just plain silly! for those ladies who work, they choose a Sunday to host…..We try to do a theme luncheon in months with major holidays or each others birthdays, and for anyone who doesn’t have the room, they choose  the warm weather months and we meet at the lake and do a Progressive Picnic…..and whoever hosts never has to do the dishes!

This is a great way to introduce new neighbors to each other and make them feel welcome….I remember when I moved to New Jersey, one day into the unpacking, my doorbell rang and there on my front porch were five of my neighbors, arms loaded with baskets of goodies! They gave me a phone book with everyone’s address and phone numbers, a map of our town with highlights on the schools, library and restaurants, and takeout menu’s! One basket was filled with wine, cheese and crackers and homemade desserts, another was filled with household needs – glass cleaner, paper towels, laundry and dish soap and rubber gloves! My three daughters who were 5, 8 & 9 also were immediately involved in the neighborhood, and my neighbors kept them busy so I could devote my time to turning our first house into a home!

So here is my get together table and several of my favorite cookbooks!

****Check back tomorrow for the story of our little mascot, below, John Henry!*****

grapes 9

grapes 17 blog

grapes 13 blog

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  1. That’s one of my favorite cookbook. And I love the idea of a progressive lunch — what fun! Love your dishes as well.

  2. How fun is this idea. I love it and getting together with friends is the most fun of all. Great post. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

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