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Recently,while attending a dinner party in New Jersey, I was introduced to a young man who,  upon learning where I lived,  commented “Wow, Pennsylvania!… can you live so far from civilization? Must take an effort just to get up in the morning!” LOLOL……..

                                                       I thought for a moment and then answered…..

“Well, I guess it does take some effort in having to live with untouched beauty, clean air, vista’s so beautiful it takes your breath away, country roads lined with wild flowers and weathered fences that lovingly hold back beautiful horses that greet you with nudges and patiently await the apples in your pockets. One also tries, unwillingly to acclimate themselves to glistening lakes with ripples made from a family of ducks or the silence of a otter….mountains so majestic you must climb to the top just to see the view that only that mountain owns….the beauty of the natural landscape, that hasn’t changed in over a hundred years…imagine looking back over a field dotted with an array of colors that only wild flowers could create and knowing that was the same view a young soldier saw when leaving to fight in the civil war……stone walls forged by hand hundreds of years ago and never rearranged or tossed to make room for a WaWa….Farms that produce vegatables sweet enough to eat before you get it home, waterfalls that sing to you while you picnic under them, the sound of the lake lapping up against your rowboat while you sit back reading a book hoping that something might nibble at your fishing rod.  I sigh with frustration on how long it takes me to do my morning walk down the road due to being forced to stop and share a freshly baked scone with a neighbor, and then some homemade jam from the old farmhouse further down, and how annoying to be asked to stop up onto the porch and collect the basket of cookies baked by the “Mrs.” in the new homestead on the valley road…to know that in the summer I can walk up behind the barn and pick my own strawberries and blueberries, stroll up the road and pick all the apples and pears I need and if I’m too tired to walk back to the house I can just sit under one of the river birches and eat those apples and blueberries straight out of the basket while starring up at the bluest sky and clouds so low they offer their own shade.  To stop in at the dinner for coffee and homemade pie and have the waitress not only know your name but remember which pie was your favorite…..To sit on a porch in a rocker and listen to stories that only an old soul could have lived through and have the right to tell, to walk at dusk through a frenzy of fireflies and witness the amazing light show – from the inside,  to watch the family of Chickadees that chose your oak tree to raise their family in and watch how each one, just as children do, leave home….to end up on a Saturday night, in your back yard sitting around a campfire with twenty of your friends, having the best time ever and knowing that this all started because you decided to burn some old logs you found behind the barn, and someone stopped to chat “……

“Yup, country living takes some getting used to……but the effort is worth every second of every minute of every hour to look out my window and…..


knowing quite well the section of New York City where this young man lives…I asked, “What do you see when you wake up in the morning, pull back the drapes and look out your window?”


                          Yup…that’s what I thought…….sunset-silhouette-horses-407041               

                   Wear your “I Love Country Life” proudly……..

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