Winter Elsewhere…

Although I love the “Look” of winter, and the first snowfall and all the ooooh’s and aaaaah’s that come from the memories of my youth, and maybe even a stroll through it when it first comes down, and of course the cuddling that it inspires….


I think I’ve about had it now…..

But there are folks out there that wait for this big event with such anticipation! Those that fly down the slopes, daring the drifts to come along for the ride…..those who laugh at the falling temps and hunker down deeper into their ski gear….to those brave souls…

I salute you!

From what I’ve been told by some friends who are “Snow Bunnies” there are some awesome “Snow Spots” to visit…….here are a few…

Rockwood Lodge, Lake Tahoe, CA


Brenton Woods, NH

brenton woods, NH

If you rather stay closer to home as I would, check your local papers for discounted tickets and activities for young and old…..

Here in Northeast Pennsylvania there is plenty to do, especially here in the Pocono mountains….which by the way is right outside my back door…..Get out and enjoy this before the heat comes and I’m complaining how hot it is!

Cross-Country Skiing

  • Pennsylvania has numerous places to enjoy the calmness of the snow-covered landscape and the exhilaration of flying down the hills on your skies. Mountains region. Both experts and beginners will find a trail appropriate for their skill level and enjoy the changing scenery.



  • Snowshoeing is the perfect way to spend a day wondering in untouched nature and enjoying the smells and sounds of the forest. Snowshoeing might look easy, but a bit of practice and your good to go! Pack a thermos filled with hot chocolate and a few granola bars and your set for a day of walking!

Ice Fishing

  • If you have ever ice fished before, walking on the frozen lake, carving a hole with your auger and pulling up a fish or two are unforgettable experiences. Beltzville, Promised Land and Tobyhanna State Parks here  in northeast Pennsylvania have lakes offering the opportunity to experience the thrill first hand and the best part is that ice fishing is a family affair. Remember to stay safe though. Use your auger to make sure that the ice is solid and more than four inches thick, have life jackets for your children to wear and never ice fish alone. Don’t forget to apply for fishing permit before your trip.

Snow Tubing


  • Snow tubing is one of the most popular winter activities in Pennsylvania and Heritage Hills Golf Resort in York is home to Avalanche Express, one of the best snow tubing destinations in Pennsylvania. Until you’ve tried this you have not fully enjoyed winter!! Sooo much fun! You do not need any special skills but you need a little bit of a thrill seeking demeanor. Most of the time, you can choose between levels of lanes suitable for small children and of course the dare devils in the family. Once you get at the bottom just wait to be towed on top of the hill again. Some snow tubing places offer buffets or you can use one of the picnic tables to eat your own packed lunch.

Ice Skating


  • Ice skating is a perfect way to spend couple of hours outdoors when the temperature is below freezing. Beltzville, Hickory Run, Promised Land and Tobyhanna State Parks offer ice skating when the weather permits and York City Ice Arena is one of the several skating rinks that have ice skating hours for the public during winter months, sometimes even year-round. In addition, you can of course go skating on one of the frozen ponds, lakes or streams found on the Pennsylvania countryside. However, make sure the ice is thick enough to carry you and never skate alone.


    Another wonderful attraction, which I would love to visit this time of year is Winterthur Gardens in the Brandywine Valley of Delaware…..I’m told its just as beautiful in winter as it is in summer and spring……check out their blog ………If you’ve been here please share!



    So are you inspired to double up on the mittens and socks…….and head outside?

    I think I am!      Do you love the winter?

    How do you spend your winter days – inside or out?

    would love to hear from you and how winter  plays out in your “Neck of the woods”!

    Stay warm and enjoy the balance of January…hot cocoa here I come!

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