Christmas Past!

Well hello there!

…..yes it is I…….

….And yes….I survived!

Although I did sleep in today… nice that was to watch the sun come up over the pines while still under my fifteen blankets and three fur-babies!

But now its time to think forward….New Year’s is a week away…..What resolutions are you making? or not making? Have any milestones you want to reach?

I have the same “Things” on my list, but in a different order this time…….getting healthy and losing weight are among the top five of my list….but I’ve got a few that are aiming at the #1 spot…..

A contender for “Top of the list” is spending “US” time… much of our married life has been spent taking care of family, I think we need to take care of ourselves now….weekend trips, maybe even a vacation, taking a class in something together…..crossing things off “OUR” bucket-list……

I also am making a promise to read a book a week like I used to….when I commuted into New York City everyday from New Jersey my reading was as current as the New York Times Bestseller list…….now I’m trying to get to my favorite James Patterson books that are several years old already! Once they make a movie from the book what’s the sense in reading it! Most of my inner-circle of friends are avid readers and when they discuss a current read I’m at a loss…..and I’m a book lover…I don’t want an electronic device…I love holding a book, the smell of a book….so our office/library has shelves filled with books or shall I say “Good Intention reads”…..

And this is going to sound crazy coming from someone who cooks with her eyes closed and has over sixty cookbooks, but I would love to take cooking lessons! yes I know, Why! well, there is a correct way of doing things and reasons behind it….I want to know the why’s and what-for’s of cooking……when my grandson asks why do you do it that why I want to give him an answer that he will remember not just “Cause that’s how we always have done it”!

 Another thing on the top and maybe at this point has won the #1 spot is to learn to Quilt! the old fashioned way……I can quilt by machine but I want to learn the art of it…and being I live here in Pennsylvania, there must be someone willing to teach me! I am determined to join a quilting bee……as long as someone has patience with me!

And finally, my dream to have a big beautiful garden is right up there! I wish I could know what plant goes where and what to plant with it… the sun and rain affect roses (I love more than anything) but to learn the art of gardening……I envy people who can’t wait to get out and putter away among the tulips and daffodils… its on the top of my list!

Any suggestions and /or advice is so welcomed!

Now…onto the Main Advent! New Year’s Eve……..

What plans do you have? After such a crazy week here at Pineridge Hills we have decided to stay home in front of the fireplace, in sweats or PJ’s and sip Champagne! A few friends are going to come and join us in front of the fire and feast on snacks! Relaxing is going to be the highlight of the night and probably a few laughs!

I’ve been surfing for NYE idea’s……..found some really great ones along with some beautiful interiors! I’ll sit in my flannels and celebrate as if I were there! lol!

Merry “Day After” Christmas!

Here are a few sites I found that I fell in love with! visit them!



custom_image 2

What a great idea! Have your guests write their resolutions and then revisit them in 2015!

And what’s NYE without a little bubbly? 🙂


Spray the bottles with adhesive and sprinkle with gold glitter…wear gloves and do this in a well ventilated area – like outside!

gold glitter for Champagne, Silver for white wine & red glitter for red wine!

Share your idea’s with us!

Happy Thursday!

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