Snowman Slippers!

Here’s a cute project for a “Stocking Stuffer”….Using just a couple of snowflake buttons, you can transform a pair of store-bought slippers into “Snowman Slippers”!  

how cute is that for your grandkids or even yourself!



You will need:


tracing paper

white, orange and black felt

matching embroidery floss

snowflake buttons

1. For each slipper use the diagram below cut out (I just freehand cut mine) the head, nose, mouth and eye shapes from felt….depending on the size of the slipper you will have to adjust your snowman’s head….

2. Use three strands of the appropriate floss colors and Whipstitch, the shapes in place on each slipper….

3. Sew the snowflake buttons to the slippers….you could even make a hat for him……..

snowman slippers

If you have “Tweens” in your family you could just cut out circles of different colors and sew them on along with rhinestone buttons……

working on so many projects I don’t know what day it is! 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

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