Fall Days

What a Day this has been!

First, a herd of deer came through…I was able to grab my camera and get a few photo’s as they meandered up the ridge….


The rest are already up the ridge……

deer 2

Then I heard a ruckus on the side of the house so my camera and I got to the front just in time to catch a few photo’s of a flock of wild turkeys….


A few minutes later my “Boyz” went crazy on the deck so my camera and I ran once again…this time it was the black bear…..

(Or Bigfoot – depending on the kind of day your having!)….. that’s been visiting the bird feeders! sorry the picture is blurry – I couldn’t move fast enough!


Just call me Dr. Doolittle……

I had to go out and yell at the bear….I could swear he laughed at me……..as he slowly walked away and said “I’ll Be Back”……

So now I sit at the kitchen table with my laptop….


So while I do that I figured I would work on a tablescape/project……..

(I am so not good at waiting…..)

According to the Weather Channel and Al Roker…….

We are on the verge of a big Snow Storm next week!

Yes Northeast Pennsylvania (Philadelphia / NY / DC and us!)

So needless to say….. The Husband….. is in panic mode!

Need to get the plow on the truck, get all seventeen shovels out and ready…..split another cord of wood, fill the pantry, (The freezer is full!)  pull from the back of the garage to the front of the garage all fifty pounds of rock salt (Isn’t that why we plow and shovel so we don’t need rock salt?)

and start canning…..WHAT!?  I haven’t got time for that!

Need to do a warm & cozy tablescape……..with snow on the backburner……..sigh…….


blog 11

 (Hint: the lights are LED – battery operated – I placed inside the grapevine acorn – Good idea?)

blog 2

I just love my Red Oak Leaf Plates & Bowls…..

blog 4

blog 1

Some of my Christmas card collection…..

blog 5

blog 8


Now for the project side of this……..

Have you ever received a beautiful Christmas card like the one above, and thought “I just can’t throw this away”…..me too! and I don’t throw them away….I recycle them…..

Here is a list of …….

Idea’s for recycled Cards………….

Do you do scrapbooking? I don’t but I love all the “Do-Dads” that go with it……..So I purchased a box full of them…….

  • turn a card into a framed piece of Art that you group together on a table or as a center piece…..
  • Use as a menu card for your holiday dinner….
  • I always put the name of the person who sent me the card on the back, then you could use it as a place card for that person when they come for dinner….see if they remember!
  • Punch a hole in the top and string pretty ribbon thru and use as an ornament….Got it from your grandchild? Put it on the “Grandkids” Tree…..
  • Place it on top of a gift with someone’s name on it…….how beautiful would that be?

How many idea’s can you come up with? let me know so we can add it to the list!

Happy Weekend………



LED lights – Ebay around $5.00 per set

Plates & Bowls – Homegoods

Tablecloth – Ralph lauren

Napkin holders – Vintage snowman ribbon

Snowmen – Wegman’s several years ago

Grapevine Acorn – Homegoods

Red Barn Star – Country store in Lancaster

Christmas Cards – From dear friends & family

Snowman placemats – Marshall’s – years ago





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  1. I love all the cool things you have to take pictures of outside beside just birds…love the turkeys and the deer and even the bear….thanks for sharing what you get to see outside, sorry what I get to see outside is usually the same thing…I am behind in my posts and am afraid I still have a fall porch up, I need to get into the Christmas mode, love those red and white cookies, my favorites…come for a visit.I could sure use some new comments, since I have no view….lol

  2. Love the pic’s Lois and the story behind you menagerie of animals that wonder through you daily life, You might just want to corral a few for the Christmas Holidays and have a living Manger. You would just have to find out where to rent the Camel. LOL l would love to see Al as the little drummer boy, and you as the Sheppard.

    Hope all is well

    Miss You

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