Well, we are getting close to Halloween…..yup, real close……did you get your goodies yet? decide on the tablescape? got your costume? hmmm,  sounds like you have it under control…… too……everything going along as planned……its late maybe its time to turn in……yawn…..close the lights head upstairs…..funny, I could swear I locked the front door……oh well, must have forgotten……I’ll do it now……up the stairs….why do I feel as if someone is behind me?… I turn slowly and look behind me at the bottom of the stairs……..

Scared yet? I am and I’m the one writing it!

So are there any scary places where you live? Have you ever experienced something you can’t quite explain? Yes, yes and yes!

Here are some of the scariest places in the U.S. are any of them near you?

1. Clinton Road 

 West Milford, Passaic County, NJ

It runs in a generally north-south direction, beginning at Route 23 near Newfoundland and running roughly 10 miles to its northern terminus at Upper Greenwood Lake. 

clinton rd

The road and the land around it have gained notoriety over the years as an area rife with many legends of paranormal occurrences such as sightings of ghosts, strange creatures and gatherings of witches and Satanists.

There are several tales regularly told about different areas along or near Clinton Road…….

  • The ghost boy at the bridge: At one of the bridges over Clinton Brook near the reservoir, if you put a quarter in the middle of the road where the yellow line is, at midnight it will supposedly be promptly returned by the ghost of a boy who drowned while  swimming below or had fallen in while sitting on the edge of the bridge.  In some telling’s an apparition is seen; in others the ghost pushes the teller into the water if he or she looks over the side of the bridge in order to save him from being run over as he was in life.

Besides the ghost boy, One claims to have seen a ghost Camaro driven by a girl who supposedly died when she crashed it in 1988 (any mention while driving the road at night is supposed to trigger a manifestation). Another claims to have encountered two park rangers one night while camping with friends near Terrace Pond, a glacial tarn on a ridge accessible from the road by hiking trails, who in the morning turned out to have been the ghosts of two rangers who had died on the job in 1939.

  • Ghost truck: There are accounts of phantom vehicles: pickup trucks that supposedly appear from nowhere in the middle of the night and chase drivers to the end of the road, then disappear.
  • Strange creatures, from hellhounds to monkeys and unidentifiable hybrids, have allegedly been seen at night. If not of supernatural origin, they are said to have been survivors of Jungle Habitat, a nearby attraction that has been closed since 1976, which have managed to survive and crossbreed.
  • Some visitors to the area report also seeing people dressed weirdly at odd hours who simply stare at those who see them and do not speak.  Sometimes these people disappear or are apparently not seen by those present.
  • Lastly, some travelers have reported a feeling of uneasiness or mounting dread as they drive down the road, sometimes so great that they   have to turn back.

So do we have the nerve to drive down this road? For those of you living near this section of New Jersey – I Dare You!

2. Kelly Road

Ohioville, Pennsylvania


A one-mile section of Kelly Road, Ohioville, Pennsylvania is an area that has had numerous reports of paranormal activity and bizarre happenings. Reports say that when animals have entered this haunted stretch of road they suddenly turn from peaceful and quiet to violent (think Cujo), chasing after other animals and even people. The road is surrounded by dark, thick and creepy forest where white apparitions and noises that can’t be explained have been seen and heard. No one is quite sure why this short section of road is haunted but theories suggest that is could be somehow connected to cult activity that was once taking place in the area and curses that have been put on the land for some reason.

3. Gettysburg, Pa


Scary? Not even close! This town is so packed with ghosts that there isn’t enough room at the Inn! Gettysburg is located in southern Pennsylvania, and was the location of one of the largest and bloodiest battles of the Civil War. While the battle lasted three days, the spirits of those who died are said to still roam the area. There are many haunted locations throughout the town, and it is said to be one of the most haunted places in America. I was there on vacation when I was twelve, and perhaps impressionable, cause I saw what I believe to be a Union soldier……

So,  what places can you tell us about? Am I going to explore any of these? Are you kidding! I have enough trouble with who’s at the bottom of the stairs!………..uh oh……..



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