The Deck Is Done

Finally! yes it only took a thousand years….but (sigh) the deck has new railing… took my husband two days to get it done…he is terrific…once he gets going! I measured all the openings…..picked out the lights…..handed him the list and off to Lowe’s we went! The closest home-Improvement store was twenty-five miles away until last summer! Lowe’s finally came to the neighborhood….seven miles….I can do that with my eye’s closed!

so here is how the deck looked for a thousand years….yes I know I’m stretching the truth…but it did feel like that…..

deck 3

And now….drum roll please!

deck 1
I just love it! He also added two self-locking gates at either end so “The Boyz” can now enjoy the deck also…..


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  1. Beautiful! What’s that old saying, The son of the shoemaker has no shoes? Congrats to you and great job builder hubby!

    • Thanks….I so love my deck…even now…..I sit here at the table and watch the sun come up! beautiful! Now we have to finish the inside!

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