Recycle Those Jars………

Do you LOVE your Yankee Candles? I do……and most everyone knows I love receiving them as gifts…..I love all candle jars…..Better Homes & Gardens makes wonderful scents at very reasonable prices…..but when the candles are gone don’t discard that wonderful glass jar! I save everyone of them! I reuse for candy, baking chocolate chips, pine nuts, Chinese condiments, tea bags, buttons, etc!

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Glass in a landfill would take millions of years to breakdown so RECYCLE as much as you can and why not repurpose as many as you can! Ask your friends and family to save them for you also….I use them to give as holiday gifts filled with homemade candy, cookie mix with a recipe attached, bath salts, pet yummies, paint for touch-up’s, the list is endless! print beautiful labels for them…. or hand paint the front and refill with hand-made candles….

How I clean mine…..

I soak in hot soapy water overnight then scrub squeaky clean, you can also run thru the dishwasher….when the scent of the candle is gone from the plastic cap liner your good to go! The earth thanks you!


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  1. What a great idea, your so crafty!!!!

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