The Pack…

Well, I for one have had it! our mom has been running all day and my brothers and I are trying to keep up with her! no easy task….

First thing this morning she put a pot roast in the slow cooker and the aroma went through the entire house.  Needless to say Oliver was right there waiting for something to fall to the floor but our mom is too good of a cook to let that happen! We played on the new deck – have you seen it? – Daddy did a great job! we spend a lot of time out there conversing with Bailey, Guiness and Shamus our neighboring “Fur-Kids”!

the boyz

But we knew today was going to be hectic…Elvis, my Yorkie brother, was ready at the crack of dawn – here he is starting the car…What he is saying is “Mom, can we stop at Tractor Supply..pleeeez?”

elvis driving

Of course Oliver and I were still watching the pot roast!

westies 2

After we got home Elvis was determined to get a taste of the pot roast, but what he didn’t realize is that mommy was turning the corner and saw him trying to jump up on the counter! needless to say he got Time Out!



He then tried the “Oh Mommy, Sad Face”!

elvis 6

Well, I guess it worked! We all got Yummies and I didn’t get chased off my favorite chair! Oliver is rethinking the distance from the floor to the counter using Calculus!


See you tomorrow!

Oliver, Duncan & Elvis

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