Funny on Friday

It’s a beautiful September morning here in Pennsylvania and its Friday!!!! So, I was thinking of a story that would give you a chuckle…….Goodness knows there are enough “Funny Stories” in my Life’s Journal to cover a month of Sunday’s so here we go down Memory’s Laugh Lane…….

Growing up, we had a house on the Delaware river, between Milford & Dingman’s Ferry here in Pennsylvania…my dad and his brother built it and we would spend all of our weekends and summers there….now neither of them were builders by any means, but they built this solid little house by hand with wood they found along the way….and our running water was from a pump they bought used, that was submerged into the river….My mom, aunt Betty and myself thought  we were finally a real homestead when the water came rushing out of the faucet of the old farmhouse sink! Although it was only river water we now knew we could have indoor plumbing! But before that we had an outhouse!


My dad and uncle were so proud of it, my mom made little curtains for it and it actually had windows that opened!

It was a “State of the art” outhouse!

Until the two brothers decided to see how well it would hold up under wind…so being typical “City Boys” they threw  large heavy branches at it….for several minutes…It fell down….just like the three little pigs house? Remember? I’ll huff and I’ll puff?….yes you remember…..

What was so funny about that story?………..

As my Uncle Jim said “Back to the drawing board Frank”…… they realized the outhouse was occupied at the time!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Hey there,

    I am really liking your site. I can’t wait to see some more table scape. A real live outhouse oh my. I can remember going to my Dad’s aunt house in what was then considered country. No out house but a sess pool just outside the kitchen door way. We always were told to stay away from it but could never understand why, it looked just like a whole with a wood covering…thank God we listened, especially that now I know what a sess pool holds.

  2. I seem to have the same memories as the above comment. Imagine that!!!!!!!!!

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