End of summer…

Well I think summer has packed its bags and is waving so long here in Pennsylvania! the last three nights have gone done to 45 degrees! the tomato plants have yielded their last crop and the corn is at its best! We received a bushel of corn from Daniel’s farm, a friend of my husbands.  The wooden bowl on the counter was overflowing yesterday but this is what is left! I think today I’m going to make corn chowder….if I can pull myself away from being outside!

corn 2


view 4

It seems our “Neighbors” came to visit they must have heard about the corn! Sorry  not today…


These are lovingly known as “The Ladies” from our neighboring farm…

This is Henrietta she thinks she is in charge, well, actually she is!


Henrietta insisted on the sign up at the end of the driveway…..the sign reads – “Guinea Hens Crossing – Please Slow Down”…..

she has been known to stop traffic and allow the flock to cross the road….sooo, is this where the chicken crossing the road joke came from?!

guinea crossing sign

Anyone home? they’re probably down at the lake fishing….


Yes a fig tree does grow in Pennsylvania! no one believes it!

figs 1

We hired a new “Farmhand”……I pay him in chocolate chip cookies! this is my oldest grandson, the younger one prefers to ride the 4-wheeler!

justin mower


Well I think its time to leave the outdoors and get some inside work done, …~sigh~…..one more minute, please?








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