Summer Breezes……

Well...Summer is fading fast! Is that really possible? Wasn't it just Memorial Day? I'm sure it was...…..But the calendar is saying that Summer is quickly "Leaving the Station...." so I guess I must not have gotten the memo..... Although there have been many changes here in the past year, there are many things that have stayed the same..... The sound of the tractor, the smell of freshly mowed lawn, the deer eating all my tulips....then like clockwork the leaves on the Birches up on the ridge go from gold and yellow to being taken in one blow of an October wind to being bare and … [Read more...]

Autumn Farewells

Autumn on the mountain brings with it a sense of change on all fronts, it also brings farewells.....some are easier to deal with than others.... The  leaves fall and the trees seem to become bare almost over night, delicious aromas both inside and out, a color palate that only Mother Nature could conger up. The lake is ablaze in color, as if someone came along with a brush and didn't miss a stroke. This is also a  time to replenish the firewood, fill the clothesline with flannel sheets and watch the colorful quilts bow to the gusts of October winds that are slowly … [Read more...]


"........... It doesn’t get much better than a crisp autumn day, and yes my favorite color is October……"  Summer has finally bowed to Mother Nature, relinquishing its hold on sandy towels, ocean scented breezes and flip flops. Balmy nights at county fairs and rides on the Ferris wheel are now a “Remember when” comment…..the wilted flowers whose colors were bleached away by the never ending sun, until they were mere shadows of their original selves. The Hummingbirds sipping nectar from the “All you can drink bar” set up on the kitchen window.  Clotheslines heavy with whites and pastels, … [Read more...]


Have  you ever planned a trip, one that you easily prepared for...... ......Knew down to the penny how much money you would need, where you would stay and for how long.....The meals you would have, the sights you have had on your "Bucket-list" since you were a child that you now will be able to experience..... how many days it would precisely take you to get there.......Everything planned down to the very moment you check off the last item on your list....... ...........And then there is a detour sign that forces you to take the road not only less traveled but somewhat less … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

  I want to wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year! PineRidge Hills has taken a bit of a sabbatical this year but we are returning with lots to share.......Stay Warm and enjoy the down time Winter gives us to reflect, plan and find our creative side! So put those winter days to good use! See you soon......        Country Hugs, … [Read more...]

Christmas comes to Pineridge…..

Christmas is almost here......... Hello Everyone! It's been awhile since I visited with you, I hope everyone is doing well. Here in Northeastern Pennsylvania it seems Winter has finally found its way up the winding road. Past the open fields and right onto our front porch. And Winter is not alone. Along with it comes a much anticipated event. Yes, Christmas is coming to PineRidge Hills too! The weatherman said we should anticipate snow today. So naturally the fireplace is blazing and all three dogs are curled up with noses in the air as the aroma of fresh gingerbread cookies … [Read more...]

Waiting for Autumn……..

Hello everyone! PineRidge Hills took the summer off but we are back and in full swing, ready to take long walks along the lake and gather crimson and gold oak leaves and acorns.  The crackling of a campfire,  the sounds of giggling children and the warmth of a wool blanket....all true signs that we are waiting for Autumn..... And yes it is slowly coming up the mountain..... The cool, brisk air with the sweet smell of freshly mowed grass and the Marigold's taking their last bow, and the squirrels hiding their winter's dinner are all activities that I just rejoice in......As you can tell … [Read more...]

The Sunny Side of the Porch…

Do you play on the sunny side of the porch?........ Happy Summer everyone! I can't believe my porch days are finally here....neither can my planters, the "Sunny Side" of our deck plays with us until 3:00 pm! Then slowly meanders to the front of the house where it teases the Kousa and the Golden Yews...Because we are sun-drenched most of the day, finding the right plants for my rail planters is always a challenge.....this year I've filled them with Petunia's and Marigold's. My wagon holds my herbs.....The Basil is doing great as is the Rosemary.  Trying to find French Tarragon but … [Read more...]

Traveling Doll House…….

.................Have you ever done something so out of character that when you think back on it you can't believe that was you? ...... .....Like running around the toy store with three "Cabbage Patch Dolls" in your arms waiting for your neighbor to come buy one of them cause the store manager said you can only purchase two - but you have three daughters?...... ...........Or braiding the hair on all twenty-seven "My Little Ponies" cause your six year old who is sick in bed thinks they would be happier with braids?..... Oh, I am glad....I thought it was only me that was a little crazy … [Read more...]

Spring Book Club Brunch….

So, Winter has left and the club is itching to get back into the swing of things with our reading frenzy! So this week is our Spring Book Club Brunch Get-Together......the book? "The Swans of Fifth Avenue" by Melanie Benjamin The storyline: "A novel about New York’s “Swans” of the 1950s --- and the scandalous, headline-making and enthralling friendship between literary legend Truman Capote and peerless socialite Babe Paley. Of all the glamorous stars of New York high society, none blazes brighter than Babe Paley. Her flawless face regularly graces the pages of Vogue, and she is … [Read more...]