Snow on the mountain…

BRRRRRR! We got over nine inches of snow this weekend! I can't believe we are looking at more possibly for next weekend...luckily everyone who is coming for Christmas Eve Open House lives up here on the mountain .... My husband, Al, the "Snow-Hater" is out plowing, every time he sweeps around to the back of the house he yells out "Oh to be in Key West right now".....sigh...... I hear ya ! although I can't imagine doing Christmas in Key West!! but I bet its just as beautiful, all that blue warm water, white sands, palm trees swaying in an ocean breeze......... "OK Al, load the pick up we're … [Read more...]

Funny on Friday

I've decided that every blog I read has a themed day during the why not PineRidge Hills? so beginning today we will have "Funny on Friday".....where the only pre-requisite is being able to laugh...especially at ourselves.....I'll start... So many folks have asked me "How the heck did you end up in PA"?  well, its a long story, actually its the never ending story! But here is the first Journal Entry I made back in 2003 when we drove across the Delaware River and never looked back...well, almost never..... this morning I took several pictures of our "Backyard" dawn with the … [Read more...]

Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone! Welcome to PineRidge Hills an old Christmas tree farm, nestled in the mountains overlooking Beltzville Lake in northeast Pennsylvania...our little piece of heaven! Ten tears ago we were living on the Jersey Shore, always running, racing from the train station to the dry cleaner to the a load of laundry, read the mail and set the alarm to start all over the next day...until that voice inside said...enough! Now, I'm not going to tell you the move was effortless or without its drama - but on that final hot day in July we handed the keys to our home to the new … [Read more...]