Friendship past…

A thousand years ago, well maybe not that long ago, actually it was 1974....there was a magazine, I think it was Country Woman or Country Woman's circle, something along those lines... that had a section in the back for women who pen-paled.....For those of you who only know of e-mail, texting, insta-gram and Facebook - there was a time when people actually sat down and with pen in hand, wrote letters! I was one of them.......sigh...... It was Spring of 1974, I was ready to give birth to my first child......and I found in the back of this magazine that there was a section for "Pen-pals" women … [Read more...]

Dining Room Update..

  My husband is the best of the best.........he got the crown moulding up, in two hours..... He is so sure footed that he can actually place moulding while the Christmas tree is up and lite without as much as touching an ornament! Seriously, its like living with MacGyver!!...On the other hand I am a true Felix Unger....remember the Odd Couple? yup, that's us! I am a true Virgo and he is a true Pisces.....shoot from the hip, all will be good, go for it!........ Me?   I need an itinerary to do the laundry! "LISTS" is my middle name.....sigh......not easy living with a husband who … [Read more...]

Grandchildren’s Christmas Tree

Well tree # 2 is up......needs a bit more "Tweaking"! I do this right up until Christmas eve.....a few presents, a new ornament, some special little paper drawing one of my grandkids makes - it all goes up on the "Kid's Tree"..... Its whimsical and filled with little trinkets given to me and my husband over the years..... The tree has a little story to it.....when my oldest daughter got divorced her and my grandson came to live with us here in Pennsylvania.....she left her whole life behind....that first Christmas I wanted her and our grandson to feel they had a place here, a new … [Read more...]


I wanted to thank everyone for visiting Pineridge Hills and making us a success.......I am having so much fun sharing things with you and especially for the new friendships...... My family and I want to wish you a blessed Thanksgiving....I hope it is filled with love, wonderful family and scrumptious food! Our hearts are with those families whose loved ones are in far off lands protecting us and our will all be remembered in our prayers.....and remember its not how big the table is or how fancy the china, as long as this special day is  shared with those you … [Read more...]


  Well, it has happened.....the snow has arrived and brought along a few friends - ice & is our new deck with its first snow on it!   So we are hunkering down, the husband is painting the dining room.....looks beautiful......and has not mentioned the "Outdoor Holiday Decorating" since he put his foot in his mouth yesterday! I do have my eye on a few "Minor" additions I would like to pick up......but again, the love of my life is on "a need to know basis".....My new favorite thought process thanks to my friend Dot! Why didn't I think of that forty … [Read more...]

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.....   which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. While most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget to take the steps to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages and encourage others to do the same.   A few months ago I found a great blog recipes are great! check it out......this recipe was on there and during the summer I gave it a try....This week I found beautiful strawberries and decided to make them again this time with pink frosting in memory of two friends I lost to … [Read more...]

Tissues, Cold Medicine and Tea

Well, threatening the Gods didn't get me anywhere...trying to outrun got me right behind the eight ball! still sick, and the fridge is still not fixed yet! ....sigh......just read five magazines, started an acorn basket and sewed buttons on three jackets, two flannel shirts and replaced one zipper...I'M DONE!!!!!!! I can't take it......need to get outside and throw dirt on myself or jump in a pile of leaves.....go for a walk up the ridge or walk down the road to my friend BettyAnns' house and throw acorns at her window......she'll never know its me.....although my nose is so red Santa could … [Read more...]

Where’s The Sparkle?

Well, I'm sure you were expecting a few awesome tablescapes coupled with a scrumptious recipe for a French tart, or perhaps a new way to clean windows without water.....or how to make a pumpkin out of recycled bottlecaps......well, maybe that one isn't so far fetched......but today all I can share with you...reluctantly is my ....COLD! The very same cold my husband, the builder, decided he just had to share with me! So this morning at 5:15 he woke me up, even though I had only fallen asleep fifteen minute earlier, to tell me...."Think positive! Keep telling yourself your NOT sick! you will … [Read more...]

Funny on Friday

It's a beautiful September morning here in Pennsylvania and its Friday!!!! So, I was thinking of a story that would give you a chuckle.......Goodness knows there are enough "Funny Stories" in my Life's Journal to cover a month of Sunday's so here we go down Memory's Laugh Lane....... Growing up, we had a house on the Delaware river, between Milford & Dingman's Ferry here in Pennsylvania…my dad and his brother built it and we would spend all of our weekends and summers there….now neither of them were builders by any means, but they built this solid little house by hand with wood they … [Read more...]

End of summer…

Well I think summer has packed its bags and is waving so long here in Pennsylvania! the last three nights have gone done to 45 degrees! the tomato plants have yielded their last crop and the corn is at its best! We received a bushel of corn from Daniel's farm, a friend of my husbands.  The wooden bowl on the counter was overflowing yesterday but this is what is left! I think today I'm going to make corn chowder....if I can pull myself away from being outside!   It seems our "Neighbors" came to visit they must have heard about the corn! Sorry  not today... These are … [Read more...]