Postcards from Paris…

Postcards from Paris......While looking for an envelope this morning I found an old leatherbound photo - book that was tucked away in the bottom of the cabinet.  When I reached for it, realizing it wasn't the package of envelopes I was hastily looking for, I pushed it to the side knowing for sure my envelopes must be hidden behind the books....they were......after addressing the few that I needed and stamping them and running up the road to the mailbox....which I made just in time as the mailman came slowly up the hill.  He stopped and chatted, collected the mail and handed me two envelopes … [Read more...]

Bookshelves and Books….

I have a secret....come it is......I am addicted to Books and the Bookshelves that hold them! Books of any kind, whether it be travel, mysteries, cooking, gardening, decorating......sigh.....yup! I'm addicted! And as any book enthusiast will tell you, they have to have a special place - hence bookshelves. Next, is where I would love to do my reading...hence the above picture! Can you imagine just swinging with a warm breeze sweeping across your face, a cool lemonade within reach and of course, not a sound except the birds in the tree above...sigh...ok I just gave myself the … [Read more...]

Chandelier Keepsake

Have you ever looked at something in your home and thought...Time to replace! Every time I walk into the dining room and look at the brass chandelier those words come to mind....My husband was so tired of hearing me complain about how its a bit tarnished, has seen better days, its so old...etc...etc...that last week he took it down! I came home to find him packing it up.  I was shocked! He turned and smiled and said " go buy a new one"! So, do we go glam this time? crystals? Beads? Wood? I was so excited......I immediately went online to peruse all those wonderful Chandy's with … [Read more...]

Kentucky Derby Brunch…

Tomorrow is the 141st. "Run for the Roses", or as most know it as the Kentucky Derby...."the most exciting two minutes in sports".... the Kentucky Derby is a 1.25 mile race for three-year-old thoroughbred horses. It is the first leg of the American Triple Crown and is followed by the Preakness Stakes, then the Belmont Stakes. Unlike the Preakness and Belmont Stakes, which took hiatuses in 1891-1893 and 1911-1912, respectively, the Kentucky Derby has been run every consecutive year since 1875. A horse must win all three races to win the Triple Crown.  The Derby is the crowning event after a … [Read more...]

We are on Hometalk!

Hi everyone! Just to let you know PineRidge is now on Hometalk! come on over and visit my board Heartfelt Homemade Gifts.........So much going on, all your DIY questions about Home & Garden  and lots of idea's over on Hometalk..... You can also share your own projects as well as ask questions to the HomeTalk community!   … [Read more...]

Lakeside Weekend…

So Saturday morning we awoke to bright sunlight and warm air flowing thru the windows....YES! Down the stairs, coffee is brewing for the "Love of my life", tea is in my mug and the smell of bacon is throughout the entire kitchen....The sun is up and I'm on the deck inspecting the Tulips, Croctus', and Hyacinths.....everything survived that snowfall we had two weeks ago....So with camera in hand I started "Tip-toeing through the tulips" so to speak! I had forgotten what the colors all were from when I planted all 240 bulbs! And the aroma of them! So delicate yet so … [Read more...]

Gift Baskets…

I think I've been giving "Food Gifts & Baskets" for a thousand years! Well, probably since the early eighty's..... When we purchased our first home on the Jersey shore, for the first time we were living in a "Child-Friendly development.  The first day we moved in my neighbor, Joanne, came knocking with the most beautiful basket I had ever seen.  It was filled with all kinds of snacks and homemade food, along with fresh baked cookies and bread.  She was also thoughtful enough to put in a list of all the important phone numbers including hers and all the other neighbors. She tied together … [Read more...]

Happy Easter….

May all of you have a wonderful Easter filled with family, good Food and Happy Memories........ For all of us here in Northeast Pennsylvania - Mother Nature has finally let her hair down and Smiled! 60 degrees and sunny! Great day for the Easter Bunny to hide all his eggs........ Have a wonderful day from our mountain to yours.....     country Hugs, … [Read more...]

Spring brings Snow…..

Today is the First Day of Spring....almost.......Three hours and four minutes to be exact......and what did Mother Nature give us here in Pennsylvania? Tulips? daffodils? Crocus heads peering up out of the ground? Do you see the bunnies running and playing with the squirrels? How about the grass starting to go from winter brown to Spring green? No? neither....... Mother Nature has a very weird sense of humor this year......just when I finally got to see the grass and my three little fur-babies were able to run and frolic........this happened..... And as if that wasn't … [Read more...]

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh!

 .........Translation: HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY! How's that for a mouthful.........! My maternal grandmother and both of my Great-Grandmothers were born in Ireland and it is number 2 on my "Bucket List" to visit there one day....I have found cousins through and plan on doing the DNA test next month that they offer! Who knows what I'll discover....The results will make for another post down the road! but today everyone is Irish....and the kitchen smells wonderful.   I remember my grandmother humming a song and every few words sounded so strange to me, that's because she would say … [Read more...]