Rosemary Garlic Latkes

Do you ever just feel like a little light potato something with supper? this is my favorite "Potato Something" side dish....goes with chicken, pork you name it! and easy to make......Growing up in New York, your friendship circle is usually quite diverse....I had friends that hailed from Germany, Turkey, Italy and even the West supper at one of their homes meant you ate what ever "Mrs." was making! I remember Friday night's at my friend Marilyn's house, she was Jewish and her mom made the best Latkes! little potato pancakes.. (this is the closest recipe I have found that … [Read more...]


Well it's been a very busy time here at PineRidge Hills....gearing up for Fall, saying good-bye to the last days of Summer - sigh- is no easy task! The last of the garden vegetables have been picked, the new "Weeping White Pine" has been planted (My birthday gift from my best friends Kim & Tom) the screens have started coming down and the house was pressure-washed! The mums for the front porch have been waiting patiently to be put on display and, well, I guess at some point I need to think about dinner!  While running around doing chores I came across Sandra Lee's Slow Cooker Pot … [Read more...]