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So what new places did you visit this summer? My “Pennsylvania Roads” Summer Bucket List kind of fell to the wayside ….. all my good intentions kind of slipped into the 2015 “I’ll do it next week” bucket list….and that bucket is now overflowing…..sigh….oh well there is always 2016!  Well, although I didn’t get to Martha’s Vineyard or the Biltmore in Ashville, I did get to enjoy what, for us here in Northeast Pennsylvania,  consider a  “Local” gem….so my Road led me to Jim Thorpe, our beautiful County seat and just a ten minute  ride up another mountain from PineRidge Hills! as a matter of fact my daughter lives in Jim Thorpe.  Its been voted by “Country Living Magazine” as one of the “Most beautiful small towns in America” / read about it here …and I just love this little town, the restaurants, the boutiques and the history abound in this little slice of Victoriana……

1434122730-1434059810-gettyimages-520438839Although I did my traveling chair side, I did find some wonderful books that helped me “Visit” the places on my list this summer…..especially those in New England….the Divine Ms. B has just returned from a ten-day excursion to Nova Scotia and Bar Harbor, Maine. I am totally jealous!
So I decided to make a pot of clam chowder, hot biscuits and grilled corn on the cob and sit in front of the fire pit and let my imagination run wild on the vineyard!
A beautiful book by Polly Burroughs and gorgeous photo’s by Lisl Dennis is ” Martha’s Vineyard: Houses and Gardens”.  Another book is “Martha’s Vineyard: Quiet Pleasures” by Phyllis Meras, and photo’s by Betsy Corsiglia.
After I walked the waterfront and dipped my toes in the cool Atlantic, I sat on the wharf and mulled over the choices of what dinner was going to be comprised of…when suddenly I was swept back to Pa……
Shohola Falls, Pa
So for now my traveling will have to be localized….but wait till Fall gets here! Then you will see my backpack filled and my walking shoes polished and nothing but travel guides in my pockets!…..well, maybe!
Come on back tomorrow when I share our “Book-club Brunch” and our read is….”The Primal Place” by Robert Finch –

…”This is a voyage of discovery, a personal odyssey into the nature of a single Cape Cod neighborhood. It is a rich portrait, beautifully drawn, of a landscape and a community whose essential character lies in their penetrating interface with the sea. But it is also an individual quest, a journey of the heart and mind in which the author seeks “entrance, or rather re-entrance” into “that vast living maze stretching out beyond my lines of sight….”


I promise a wonderful tablescape and a New England menu…..

Country Hugs,

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