The Pineridge Table…..

Good morning Sunshine!

Its a beautiful morning here on the mountain……our mornings have been really chilly but the days have warmed up and have been sooo sunny! Loving this weather…..wish it could be like this all year round…….

Remember this is Anniversary Week here at PineRidge Hills, so lets revisit our tablescapes from the past year……

Here are some of my favorites…….

center 1

grapes 9 center
blog 10
hutch blog
plates 15 blog
PicMonkey Collage 1
blog 11
table glitz 006
10 18 026black beige tablescape 012
blog fav 1
redo collage 11
Whew! that’s a lot of dishes! now where have I put them all?……hmmmmmmm,

Happy Tables – Happy Family!

Country Wishes,

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  1. Hi Lois I was scrolling down thru you blog and I swear the pink rose china is the most beautiful china I have ever seen please tell me the pattern then I saw your Christmas table and the drool from my mouth ran even faster. your tables are pure works of art Love them please tell me more about the pink roses.Susie

    • Hi Susie,
      Thanks so much for stopping by….The pink rose china is actually Rose Chintz by Johnson Brothers…..this set was my grandmothers and I have added a few pieces to it. The vintage rose Chintz can be identified by the old red stamp on the back, the newer versions have the green stamp….Hunt on Ebay and yard sales…
      Happy hunting!

  2. P.s. wherever did you get the black and white polka dot plates? I have been known to knock people out of my way trying to get to polka dots .I’m just saying(LOL) Susie

    • The polka dot plates I made! Plain glass salad plates from the dollar store, fabric from Walmart and Mod Podge! Going to make several new sets with different fabric…..
      Have a great weekend!

  3. These are all so lovely…wonderful use of color.

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