The new Bear “No Snacking” pole!

As promised yesterday, I wanted to share the new “Bear Trap” so to speak that my husband designed and forged himself…if anyone is interested I’ll be glad to have him draw out the design! This is not so much a trap as it is a deterrent….the problem was that “Bradford the Bear” has been helping himself to the suet and the bird seed. The problem was, well, I certainly didn’t want to run into him, and he was pulling the hooks right off the pole and snapping them! My husband would weld them back together but Bradford wasn’t impressed nor was he relenting in his pursuit of Snacks!
So here it is…now, of course we need a ten foot ladder to get to the feeders, but at least the pole and hooks will be intact every morning when PineRidge Hills wakes up…..

Here is where we started…you can see where Bradford showed “True Grit”……pulled the rods right off the poll….The white hanger to the right is from last year’s damage that Bradford or his brother Bernie caused!2014-03-31 14.21.42 2014-03-31 14.21.28
Here is the new “Deterrent” my husband created…we are calling it “Al’s Wonder Hooks”! Guaranteed (We hope) to stop Bradford & Co. from snacking on our feeder2014-03-31 20.06.43

And here is our New Feeder Pole decorated for Spring, 13′ of it!…..the hummingbird’s have already said “Thank You!”
post 2
als post and flowers

Have a wonderful weekend………

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