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I am always looking for new and creative ways to get things done! Housework is one of them.  So when I someone gives me “Tips” on cutting my time down spent inside the house – I listen! I thought on this cloudy Monday morning I would share some tips with you and hopefully it will make your day go by a little bit faster….





1. wipe down your television screen. The anti-static chemicals in a dryer sheet will help to repel dust and lint.

2. Use old dryer sheets to easily wipe up talcum powder, flour, and other messes of this type.

3. Used sheets usually have enough fragrance in them to freshen up other areas in your home. Stuff them in tennis shoes, place them in closets, in laundry hampers and in pieces of luggage — anywhere your house needs a little “refreshment.”

4. Run a sheet over a piece of thread when you’re doing sewing tasks. The thread won’t tangle up as easy.

5. Have pet hair on your clothing? Simply wipe it off with a used dryer sheet!  Also works great on cloth furniture too!

6. Keep dust and other contaminants off your glass computer screen by carefully wiping it with an old sheet.

7. Did you purchase some old, musty books at a garage sale or thrift shop? Make them smell good again! Simply place the books in a sealed plastic bag with a used dryer sheet. Allow the bag to sit undisturbed for a day or two, then remove the contents. The musty smell will be gone!

8. Got a problem with mice? Find where they are entering your house and stuff the hole shut with a used sheet. Mice won’t chew through the smelly material.

9. Place a used dryer sheet in the bag of your vacuum. Sweep your house, and, once you’re done, the air will smell as fresh as your clothes do.

10. These wonders of the 70’s are also said to repel mosquitoes as well as other annoying, flying insects. Don’t rub it on you. Instead, stick a used sheet in your belt loop.

11. You can use dryer sheets to clean and polish the chrome on your vehicles.

12. Is there a build-up of soap scum on your glass shower door? Simply use an old dryer sheet to eliminate the mess.

13. Is the interior of your car or truck smelling a little stale? Forget the pine tree on a string! Place a few used dryer sheets under the seats of your vehicle instead!

14. Use sheets to clean and polish the glass lens of your eye glasses. They’re not recommended for plastic lens, though!

15. Is your hair dry and full of static electricity? Gently wipe a used dryer sheet over your head to get rid of it.

16. Dryer sheets make great dusting cloths for your wooden furniture.

17. Help keep dust and other contaminants out of your house. Simply place a used sheet inside every furnace/AC register in your house. Make sure it covers the openings and replace once they are dirty.

18. Keep your window blinds clean longer by wiping them periodically with used dryer sheets. The anti-static properties of the product will actually help to repel dust and dirt.

19. Are your scissors not cutting as smooth as they should? Wipe the blades clean with a used dryer sheet to remedy this problem.

20. Used dryer sheets make great little cloths for quick shine ups in the bathroom and kitchen too. Just use one on each of your chrome faucets and see how brightly they shine!

**** The best tip: Use it on your mirrors! cleans and shines all at the same time!


I put two together and use as cloth napkin ring holder….they stay perfectly in shape and can stand up in the corner of your cupboard.

2014-02-09 12.27.18
Napkin Rings

  •  Cut an empty paper towel roll into four, 2-inch sections. Discard the excess cardboard. Select a fabric that matches your decor,  Cut the fabric into strips, sew up the long side, now fold down the two short ends and iron them.  Cut your paper towel ring and  slip the fabric Sleeve over it. Place a “glue dot”–dots of very adhesive glue that peel from a roll for quick and precise application with no drying time, or your glue gun–on one end and secure your ring back in place.  Now you have easy-peezy napkin rings that match any décor on the table.  afterwards you can discard them and not feel guilty!


  • Another great use for these little helpers comes from, as if you couldn’t tell, my girl the Divine Ms. M! Martha Stewart….She first wraps the candles in a single paper towel and then places them inside an empty cardboard tube. This allows them to be kept safe from breaks, dings or nicks.



Make a paper roll windsock.

  • Paint paper towel-sized paper rolls with any color of tempera paint. Let younger kids–3 or 4 years old–paint the tubes all one color. Give children that are 5 years of age or older an assortment of paints and brushes so they can take their time to create patterns and designs on the paper rolls. Let the paint dry. Cut four, 12-inch lengths of matching or contrasting crepe paper party streamers, available at party supply or dollar stores. Slide the streamers inside one end of  the painted paper roll–just enough so that you can attach them with a staple. Cover the staples with decorative stickers or camouflage them with dabs of matching paint. Take the windsock outside on breezy days to watch the streamers wave and to observe wind direction.

 Easy Plant supporter

Paper towel tube supporting a sunflower seedling.

  •  Problem with critters eating your young flowers? after you plant the seedlings out into the garden. This year try protecting them with paper towel tubes or even wrapping paper tubes for taller seedlings and TP tubes for smaller ones. You can cut the tube open long-wise to place it around the seedling’s stem. Or just hold the leaves together gently and slipped it down over the plant. Be sure to push it into the ground for stability. You don’t want it to blow over in a wind and break your seedling. Mound some soil up around it as well to keep it securely in place. Once the plant is well established and not such a tasty target for the garden “uninvited”, you can remove the tube. After being rained on and watered, it will be easy to tear or cut with scissors. The photo shows a sunflower seedling protected among the purple coneflower plants.
  • Some additional uses:  slice a line through one side and cap over wire clothes hangers to help slacks not get creases.
  • Fill them with lint from your dryer for easy fire starters when camping.
  • All of those rubber bands can go around them.
  • Roll up your favorite magazine and slide inside to be able to store easier when your in your car waiting or doctors office etc.

And finally the chore I always leave till the very end of my cleaning cycle,…sigh….Windows!


Some simple tips will help you do the best job possible when washing your windows.

  • Clean each of your windows in a specific order; namely from top to bottom. You’ll constantly battle the dripping water or cleanser if you work from the bottom up. The liquid will continue to run in a downward motion and you’ll likely never wipe it all up before it starts to dry. The end result will be windows that are riddled with unsightly streaks.


  • Window cleaners like Windex work well for cleaning your windows, but if you run out, there are other options that you likely have in your kitchen…. already. White vinegar will clean your windows just as well—if not better than window cleaning solutions. You may use it full strength or dilute it with water in a spray bottle. Either way, spray or apply with a cleaning cloth and wipe away. Your windows will be sparkling clean and free of streaks.


Now, what will you do with all that free time I’m about save you? hmmmmm, I thought so!


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  1. You are just full of good ideas today. I especially like all your suggestions for using dryer sheets. I’ve recently gotten very creative with house cleaning and have someone come in to lend a hand every other week. I find I’m enjoying not doing everything myself and wonder why I waited so long!

    • thanks Linda…and good for you getting another pair of hands to help! I’m headed down that road myself very soon!
      Have a wonderful day! thanks for stopping over…..

  2. Margaret says:

    Hi — Had no idea there were so many good/great uses for used dryer sheets! That’s amazing and I’ll start saving the ones that don’t get used and tumbled about in the dryer as much. Yahoo – lots of things to consider that will save me time.

    • I know!!
      I was a bit “Really”? but I’ve been using them on my chrome and mirrors, and I do put them in the sock drawer and it did work on my scissors and shoes left in the hall closet! and works great on windows! Who Knew? LOL!
      Have a wonderful day!

  3. Wow! Great tips! Thanks so much for all the ideas….especially with the paper towel rolls!

    Happy day to you friend!

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