Why do we make the bed?

So, this morning I was up at 5:00 am as usual, my husband, the Ever-ready Bunny imitator, was up at 4:45…….I threw on my sweats and fuzzy pink socks, purple slippers, went in to wash my face and brush my teeth then came back in and started to make the bed….WHY? that’s what I asked myself…..

                …..we are only going to get back into it again tonight!

It’s not like anyone is going to knock on my door, barge in, run up the stairs, through the hallway and lunge into my bedroom just to see whether I made the bed or not!

But for forty years I’ve always made the bed as soon as I got up….flatten all three blankets and the comforter, make sure each side has an even amount hanging over each side….put on the “Just for show” comforter and pillow shams, and then the throw pillows, all fifteen of them and some “Non-essential” thing right in the middle of the bed! plump up the sheers making sure there is an even amount hanging just so on each side….. All ready for our camera shoot, Mr. Deville!


Nope, not giving into compulsive behavior! went downstairs, made breakfast, the husband’s lunch, watched the weather channel  (FYI – another 12″ of snow on Thursday)…….and felt as if I had just lied to someone! It was eating at me!

                          Suddenly I felt my heart beating and my palms were sweaty……I was distracted……

                                                                  I now knew how Edgar Allan Poe felt…..

The husband, went upstairs and I knew he wouldn’t be able to just let it go…oh no….he had to bring it right to the surface……when he returned to the kitchen, he sat down with his coffee in hand and turned to me with that holier than thou look in his eyes and smirked:

                                                                              “Hey, ….are you ok?”

                        …Why, what have you heard?

“Why? don’t I look ok? do I look sick to you? No, I’m not nervous, I’m not hiding anything, Do I look like I’m lying? How dare you imply that something is wrong with me just because I didn’t make the bed!

And there it was for the whole world to see…..

                           “For forty years I’ve been doing that menial task, take the covers off – put the covers on!”

“14,750 times I have made that bed, 7,375 times I’ve striped the bedding, lugged it downstairs, loaded the washer and dryer, lugged it back upstairs and 7,375 times put the bedding back on! Well, this girl is not making the bed today! No Sirree! You will just have to get into an unmade bed tonight!”

‘To think, with all that I do and have done for forty years that something as insignificant as an unmade bed would be on your mind at 5:30 in the morning is beyond me!”‘

“You sir, can pick yourself up, don’t forget your lunch…. and go to work-where you are the boss and can dictate as to what everyone has to do!”

As he kissed me good-by…he shook his head….as he usually does when I’ve confused him….opened the front door, turned slowly and looked at me………… standing majestically behind my words………….. and said:

             “I only asked if you were ok cause you put mayo on my sandwich instead of mustard!”   What?

            “Oh, and you might want to make the bed cause the cable company is coming to fix the cable connection…..,

                         that you called up and made the appointment for….. in our bedroom ….”

As I ran up the stairs – two at a time – I realized that the Bedding Gods were testing me……and this is why you have to make the bed every morning!

On the offset chance that you forget about the appointment you made…and that the cable guy is coming …………..

 floral bedroom

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  1. Oh, Lois, you KILL me. I am laughing so hard! My Grandma always said something I never have forgotten. “If you make your bed and wash the dishes, your house is ready for guests. Always do this!” How appropriate for your day! Make that bed, woman! : )

  2. Well, I think you make the bed because the room always looks neater if the bed is made…the dust doesn’t show as much either! It kind of goes along with always wearing clean underwear I am sure you heard that one too.
    Of course, being Catholic and a “good girl” I don’t know who would have seen the dirty underwear.
    So yes, Lois, make that bed and remember when you are doing or not doing something that you should be doing the little beads of sweat on your forehead always show you guilty. I am sure Honey was not seeing the sweat but you sure did fess up early to the “crime”

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