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blog 13Yes it is snowing – again………..

Remember the movie “Groundhog Day”?      that’s how I feel!    Everyday I wake up and it’s the same…….snowing!

Ok…need to get motivated, right?   So I decided to start dressing the “New Hutch” for Valentine’s Day…….my husband, the love of my life, and I will celebrate at home, in front of the fireplace with a wonderful dinner for two…..I’m betting it’s going to be snowing out so why venture on the roads when we can have a delightful dinner right here….

The menu? well, let’s see…….it will have a soup or maybe a bisque, a salad, a rustic main course and of course, dessert! exactly what the menu will be is still running through my head….but I will let you know soon!

For now enjoy the hutch getting ready for “V” Day………I displayed my Johnson Bros. Rose Chintz plates…I just love them…..Would you believe the rabbit is from 1986!!

I bought her at a little shop in Plymouth, MA, while we were on vacation, she is one of my favorite things….I have made several for friends using her as a pattern….

I have a few more goodies to add to the hutch, that the love of my life made, but its always going to be a “Work in Progress”! My husband is getting ready to start building the table to match……rustic plank top…….I’m so excited!

I’m really looking forward to decorating for Easter, as it will be Springtime – I hope, then again you never know how the weather will be here on the mountain…….although I will let you in on a secret…it really is quite beautiful out back…..when I walk the dogs the silence is so comforting and squish of the snow under my boots is all you hear.  The pines on top of the ridge look almost as if someone placed puffs of cotton on the branches…..A red fox ran through the white pines this morning, he was so beautiful against the pure white background, his face peering through the green tips of the pines……I just stood quietly watching all that was going on around me, not wanting to disturb any of it.  The Junco’s are having a picnic here at the feeders, sometimes they land on the deck and stare inside at our world, I wonder what they think of us!  The Guinea hens are all tucked into their house, but they want out and cackle for hours….The two roosters, Jake & Henry, crow every morning and lately I’ve noticed they crow even during the day…..our young neighbor from down the road passed a while ago and her horse “Maddy” said thank you for the apples I left her for her by the mailbox….I could hear her hooves scrunching in the snow….

I guess the snow has its perks……it does make for a beautiful winter wonderland…..and all who venture out in it…..



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  1. Those plates are so beautiful! Love them. The rabbit looks like he was made to match. Your hutch is lovely all decorated. Have a great week!


    • Thanks Deborah…..The rabbit and the plates look as if they were made for each other, right? LOL! You have a great week too…..

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