Houseplant Spa Day

buggy plant 1

It so miserable outside but oh so delightful inside! My houseplants used to out number the population of China….no, really! I took my husband an hour once to find his way into the family room….so I decided to “Downsize” the plants……When ever I get that urge to bring home a new “Member” my husband, the wise one, pulls me away screaming….this is not a new habit for me, when we lived in Brooklyn, people would actually leave orphans on my doorstep…I was known as the Plant Lady!

So, today as I passed some of them in the center hall  I realized they haven’t been pampered lately so off to the Bath House we went! (Kitchen sink)

buggy plant 2

I start with warm water and soak them with a light stream from the faucet…. I soak them for at least fifteen minutes, especially the big ones…then I take a drinking glass and a tiny bit of Miracle-Gro…..(My secret weapon) and add a glass at a time….(I know the experts say not to feed your plants in winter as it is their dormant time but I do give a bit in January) I do this maybe one or two times….Never add the food to a dry plant it just runs right out and there are no nutrients going into the plant….Also, as you can see in the photo below I utilize what I have in my kitchen, no plant gadgets here! I use my long meat fork to poke holes into the dirt and scrape the top of the plants…do this every so often to aerate the top of the soil…With plants that have large leaves I wipe them occasionally…..and yes Mayo does help! Wipe your leaves with a bit of Mayo and they will love you for it….it is a bit time consuming, but so worth it….

buggy plant 4

The plants in my master bathroom get a Day At The Spa in the shower! same routine only in the upstairs lounge…..because of the amount of sun and moisture up there, certain plants stay there permanently…..

Hmmmm, are you wondering about the strange little flying “Bugger” that settled into the Oregano plant?  Me Too!!! Well I guess I could let him stay, he adds a bit of color to the kitchen on this dismal January morning!

Here are some tips for taking care of your houseplants in winter and a video from…my favorite site for everything!

Most house plants and plants that are brought in are tropical plants. They require more light, warmth and humidity than is found in any home north of Naples, Florida. Invest in a humidifier; your plants will prosper and your nose and eyes will feel better due to the airborne moisture. Use cotton shoelaces to make wicks when re-potting; string the shoelace through the drainage hole and up through the root system in the pot. Put pots on trays of pebbles and keep water in the tray to provide constant moisture and humidity, but don’t let pots sit in water. Watering through the bottom of the pot also encourages root growth. Limit fertilizer to a half-strength feeding in fall and again in early spring. it’s their dormant period. Treat plants to their own “rain forest” in the shower stall a few times each winter.

I have some of my plants for over twenty years…..I love having my hands in the soil and the smell of it – like right after the rain in spring….such an earthy smell… late Spring everyone goes out on the deck to party for the summer!

Have a great day!


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