Snow on the mountain…

BRRRRRR! We got over nine inches of snow this weekend!

I can’t believe we are looking at more possibly for next weekend…luckily everyone who is coming for Christmas Eve Open House lives up here on the mountain …. My husband, Al, the “Snow-Hater” is out plowing, every time he sweeps around to the back of the house he yells out “Oh to be in Key West right now”…..sigh…… I hear ya ! although I can’t imagine doing Christmas in Key West!! but I bet its just as beautiful, all that blue warm water, white sands, palm trees swaying in an ocean breeze………

“OK Al, load the pick up we’re headed south!”…..nah…just kidding – at least for this year!

The front of our house is now at least approachable!


truckNot so much the deck! but that’s ok…no grilling today……

Snow deck 1

I think its a good day for baking and soup making……so now that the fire is blazing and the “Puppies” are all snuggled in their blankets and the Husband is dozing on the couch…..sigh……I can do a bit more decorating and gift wrapping…..after all “Santa” can’t rest until after the 25th…..

Soooo……. the center hall tree needs a little “Tweaking”……cup of soup in one hand (and one of only five left) – my antique Christmas Ornaments in the other…..

these were my grandmother’s……We believe these came over with her parents from England …….can you imagine leaving for an unknown country…the first in their family to do so and being limited to what you can take….. what would you take with you to a new land?

I’m so thankful that my great-grandmother thought about things that would be passed down to family….they came here in 1888, she was from Cork, Ireland and he from Tenbury Wells in England and settled in Brooklyn, New York where we all hailed from……and my grandmother, being the last one to get married, inherited most of what her mother salvaged through those years….there are only  five of these large ornaments left and each year I, and I alone wrap and unwrap this box of family heirlooms….if they break I can only be angry with myself!

Stay warm this cold and snowy day…….The Sugar Cookies smell wonderful!


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  1. I am with your hubby when it comes to snow. Forget the man in red, where oh where is the Easter Bunny?

  2. Wow! How marvelous to have these precious and beautiful ornaments!

    • Thanks Dewena….I’m so fortunate…..My grandmother always took great pride in whatever she had….I have her engagement ring that my grandfather gave her in 1923 it is black onyx with a diamond in the middle…..I also have her wedding band……there’s a little bit of Nanna all over the house! and the history has been told to my children and grandchildren so they one day will become the family “Keepers”…..

  3. I know your pain, we have about 8 inches in total on the ground. After tomorrow it is supposed to warm up. We lived if Florida 10 years ago , for Christmas I worked in my garden! We came back to Ohio, there is no place like home! You have a wonderful lot (even with the snow). I have a postage stamp size lot with a park behind the house so it’s not so bad. Have a wonderful week….. Candy

    • oh Candy! Florida to Ohio! but yes, your right there is no place like home! We’ve lived our whole lives in the Northeast so Florida would be a hard move for me….warming up? heck no! we are now bracing for another 6″ tonight! I don’t think I’ll see grass until Easter! stay Warm!

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