The Runaway is back!

Did you miss me?

Did you think I ran away from home?

                                       Get kidnapped by “Christmas Gremlins”?

                                                                Get a big book deal in Hollywood?


Well, actually I’ve been trying to catch up to “Christmas Madness” since Wednesday!

My dear sister-in-law hosted not only Thanksgiving Day but bought us all back again Friday night to totally put an end to the turkey! Thank you dear Doris!

This allowed us that extra few precious hours to realize we weren’t ready for St. Nick! usually Pineridge Hills is completely done for Thanksgiving but this year my husband, the saint, decided to start renovations the week of! so instead of Christmas trees being upright and decorated and twinkling lights we have ladders and paint buckets…..where there should be billowing mounds of “Fluff” under the trees there is plastic and paint tarps…..instead of presents there are boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations…BUT I am determined to be completely done today! The big reveal is coming…….my little “Button House” is coming along lovely….that will be done also, and I have so many tidbits planned for this week…..

I am going to give you some fabulous recipes that I’ve been testing in between paint splatters….and the house is becoming FESTIVE!

Our little Oliver, one of my Westie’s has not been feeling well, tomorrow is his and his brother Duncan’s 10th birthday……we are hoping he finds his “Christmas Spirit” and starts to feel better…….

Here’s a little bit of our “Neighborhood”…..this is the town and county seat “Jim Thorpe, Pa”…its a beautiful little town that makes you feel as if you have stepped back in time…….I’ll be sharing more with you as we go along…especially for Winterfest”….

Until tomorrow dear friends – Stay warm…..





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