Grandchildren’s Christmas Tree

Well tree # 2 is up……needs a bit more “Tweaking”! I do this right up until Christmas eve…..a few presents, a new ornament, some special little paper drawing one of my grandkids makes – it all goes up on the “Kid’s Tree”…..

Its whimsical and filled with little trinkets given to me and my husband over the years…..

The tree has a little story to it…..when my oldest daughter got divorced her and my grandson came to live with us here in Pennsylvania…..she left her whole life behind….that first Christmas I wanted her and our grandson to feel they had a place here, a new beginning, so I bought her a Christmas tree…..Goodness knows we had enough room for it…..our formal tree is 10 ft. high and stands majestically in the center hall, so her and Justin’s tree stood in the family room next to the fireplace where my grandson could see it everyday….even though he was only a baby!

My daughter lived with us for seven years, until she found the “love of her life”, she now has her own home and her own Christmas tree with her new family. She asked me to keep the tree and let all the kids put ornaments on it…and so it became the Grandkid’s Tree……

It truly carries the meaning of Christmas  for my husband and I, sometimes I get a bit teary remembering and then I realize life is like a train…sooner or later it will leave the station …with or without you….I chose to take the ride!

tree 1

tree 4

To all the grandchildren out there …..get ready! Santa will soon be coming!


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