Raspberry Shortcakes……

berries 1

It's been a thousand years!.......                      Seriously......I have been "Non-Blogging" for that long.....Well it feels like it....... Where have I been?......well, laundry room, closets, power washing deck and house, refinishing furniture in the garage, still house-painting......ugh! I dream in color swatches! I think I've had it......Burnt out! So yes, I took a few days off and went for long walks along the lake, visited a few friends and a few cows that I have come to know......bought apples to the two horses who come up the road for a visit every now and … [Read more...]

July 4th…..


So where did June go??? Its almost July 4th already! PineRidge Hills has been under siege from paint buckets, spackle and ladders.....but it's all worth it....The renovation is coming along beautifully! I'll be sharing it with you soon..... But for now, I have been scouring through photo's of how we all celebrate the 4th......there will be some of you doing so with sand between your toes and some with mountain views......some on a lake and some camping through Yellowstone...wherever you chose to spend it, or with whom.....remember no matter what our differences are....we have the freedom … [Read more...]

Kids Table……

kids 4

 Well, the grandkids are coming over for lunch......I was asked "Grandma how come we don't get our own tablescape?" hmmmm, good question! but Grandma has the answer.....first of all, you need to have something bright and unbreakable and of course doodling will be involved.....so here is my quick Friday - OUTSIDE  "Grandkids Brunch"...... Menu Chicken fingers French Fries Ice Cream Floats (Grandma's are allowed to serve whatever kids want) Crayons & Colored Pencils Pretty Edged Cutting Scissors A whole ream of paper Here is their tablescape we went from this: To … [Read more...]

Book Club Brunch/Tablescape

center 17

Remember yesterday when I showed you how easy it was to make a set of designer Plates for under $5.00? here... well here they are joining us for our monthly Book Club Brunch, along with this week's menu. And the book we plan to read... "THE HURRICANE SISTERS", by Dorothea Benton Frank...... Now onto our table and what's for lunch! The feeling is summery.....light and easy going....... I love simple, delish little bites that can be made with what you have in the house! I made these for Today.......the entire menu will consist of Cauliflower soup with garlic & Parmesan croutons, … [Read more...]

DIY: Designer plates


Good Morning! and yes it is just beautiful here at PineRidge Hills! Summer has finally arrived with all its sweet breezes and green as far as the eye can see....although they are calling for clouds this afternoon.....never know what kind of weather you'll get up here on the mountain! But for now I'll take the sun-drenched mornings....... Our Kousa is looking unbelievable this Spring.......  Everything in the front is doing well....now we just need to finish the landscaping! During the holiday weekend I'll get the urns in the front planted....I think I'll do red Geraniums with … [Read more...]

Picnic by the Lake


Having lunch by the lake is so relaxing! especially after two weeks of non-stop house renovations.......I bought along my book and sunglasses and just sat.....Have you done that lately? you know, nothing........ It's an awesome way to spend an afternoon! I live within a mile from Beltzville Lake here in northeast Pennsylvania......The lake is bordered by Beltzville State Park, almost 3,000 square acres and the lake has twenty miles of shoreline. During the week its just local folk, on the weekends we get quite a crowd coming up from the city. But during the week is my favorite  time to … [Read more...]

Summer Solstice…..


How did you spend The Longest Day of the Year? "Summer Solstice arrived on Saturday, June 21 at 6:51 a.m. EDT. The length of time between sunrise and sunset  increased by one second between Saturday and Sunday and then decreased by 2 seconds today -  Sunday. Our sunsets stay at 8:25 through the first few days of July, but the sunrises will begin becoming later immediately after the solstice. The speed at which we lose daylight is very slow at first, but speeds up each day. By the time we get to July 7th we are losing a minute a day and by the end of July just over 2 minutes of daylight … [Read more...]

Knee Deep in Paint!


I know its been a thousand years since I last posted! well, you know what I mean......but the love of my Life has been like the energizer bunny! we are actually ahead of schedule! center Hall is painted and chair rail goes up tomorrow, and then this weekend the breakfast room and family room will be done. Back-splash in kitchen goes up during the week and then....ummmmm, we actually might be finished downstairs! Yup, almost there! I have been working on several posts and am thinking of revamping the blog....September will be one year that PineRidge Hills came on board and I've learned so much … [Read more...]

Road Trip!


Well, it's that time of year when everyone starts planning that awesome, fun filled summer vacation! Pack up the jeep, load the cooler, find all thirty-six maps you have collected all year long, along with every review you could encounter online, pack enough clothes to get you to Mars and back again without a Laundromat, along with a medicine case that would rival the ER team! Do we have enough sunscreen, lotion and hair gel? Make sure you downloaded the language translation program on your I-phone and buy all six pairs of flip-flops you found at the mall - you can never have too many … [Read more...]

Gifts anyone?


  So what do you do when a gift you gave to someone ends up on their table at a garage sale?........ Do you point it out to your friend or just move on to the housewares she is selling?...... (Like she would know what a salad spinner is!) Do you immediately think back to that long shopping day when you lovingly picked out that gift? all the time spent on where she would place it? how it would majestically sit on the buffet at Christmas dinner? how guests would all try to steal that lovely gift you, her dearest and closest friend( Well maybe not that close) bestowed upon … [Read more...]