Battle of the Faux….


A former neighbor from Pike County, stopped by on her way to visit her children in Ohio,  the house was spotless, furniture glistening, a wonderful lunch was beautifully set on the kitchen table and a fire roaring in the family room.....and I was not wearing sweat pants! even the dogs were well behaved....She came barreling through the front door with such fanfare that I thought HGTV was behind her telling me  I had won the 2015 Dream Home ! .....I didn't....... ............sigh......... After I realized she was alone, I welcomed her in and never got another word in edge-wise.......for … [Read more...]

Winter Blues…..

ohhh elvis

  Well........I've written letters to everyone I could come up with...even the Pope... I've made promises that I know I won't keep, to those one should never make promises to.........but the snow just won't go away! It's been one of those weeks......cabin fever is high..... but the idea of wrestling with thermals, three sweatshirts, four scarves and two pairs of flannel pajama pants, boots, six pairs of socks, two hats and nine pairs of gloves.....might as well stay inside! Even the family of wild turkeys we have living here have had it! Elvis, our little Yorkie, has … [Read more...]

Houses for Snowy Days….


Happy Monday! Well the snow and ice I think is here to stay! I tried walking my "Fur-Babies"....but they all looked at me as if I were insane! "Hey Mom - you want us to walk on ice!"....I think we crawled down the driveway......I told my husband to get our grandson's sled out and I can just let the dog's pull me! So now that I'm safely inside, with a cup of Earl grey in my hand, I started surfing....well, you know what I mean.....although this is what it looks like on the deck.... This is what I'm dreaming of! Well wishful thinking! While I was lingering at House Beautiful … [Read more...]

Out with the old….

hutch 3

I finally got the Hutch cleared of Christmas and winter......even thought there is a foot of snow outside.......I decided to think Spring..... so my grandmothers Rose Chintz stoneware came out along with her tea pot and there are brownies on the table cooling......ah, life is good! My dad always told me how he remembered his mother siting in front of the kitchen window sipping her tea from her little pot....that was 1930....  Well that was an early fix this morning! Now what goes well with my Earl Grey? Brownies of course...... These brownies are loaded with chunks of Dark Ghirardelli … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day


So we have a week before chocolate finds it's way into our home and our palates! I asked my husband to please not bring home chocolates this year I'm trying so hard not give up on the diet, It's Thursday and I've started the regime four times this week alone! I know, my track record doesn't seem promising but I'm hanging in there! So, the "Love of my life" asked ...."If no candy then what?".......hmmmmm, well I guess I need to leave him a few clues..... First there is Chocolate that I could have tons of and never break with my diet! Chocolate diamonds! If jewelry is not on the … [Read more...]

Pennsylvania Roads: Sightseeing

philly gargoyle

Do you have your gloves? Are you wearing your walking shoes? You didn’t forget your camera did you? Oh, good…..Yes, the pick-up is all ready for our trip along Pennsylvania roads…….so hop in, buckle up and let’s get our “Pensie Groove On”……..  First stop Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love….probably the most famous city in America’s history…..The declaration of Independence was drafted and signed here in 1776, Hometown of Benjamin franklin and his Key fetish……and we tend to hold our keepsakes close even when they’re damaged such as our cracked Liberty Bell…… but did you know…… That … [Read more...]

Pennsylvania Roads: Hex Signs


  Here in Pennsylvania we just can't keep up with the snow! We plow and by time the Love of my Life puts the truck away, its snowing again! I saw him yesterday throw his hands up and yell "I quit!" This was 4:30 in the morning......I am sure the neighbors thought he must be getting stir-crazy! When He came inside he asked what I was planning for my day....a cup of Earl Grey and a blueberry muffin! and I am hitting the road in search of all that Pennsylvania has to teach me.....He kissed me good bye and said "Well, have a good trip don't forget to write.." So where am I going … [Read more...]

Pennsylvania roads: Punxsutawney Phil


For the record Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania is the home of a very special fellow.....he is cute as a button, loves to sleep, and doesn't mind company at all!  He is the adorable and very famous groundhog extraordinaire - Punxsutawney Phil. This little guy is the most famous groundhog in America. On February 2, Groundhog's Day, of each year, the town of Punxsutawney celebrates the legendary groundhog with a festive atmosphere of music and food. During the ceremony, which begins well before the winter sunrise, Phil emerges from his temporary home on Gobbler's Knob, located in a rural area about … [Read more...]

Welcome to Pennsylvania Roads….


This week I want to share with you all that my beautiful state of Pennsylvania has to offer....... Most people think of the Keystone State as vast farming communities, mountains and country roads.  And yes we do have some of the most beautiful scenery our country has.  Ok, I am a little partial!  But Pennsylvania has so much more to offer and to experience than just trails and mountains. So come along with me this week as I take you on the "not so traveled Pennsylvania Roads" along with its traditions, local art, unbelievable sights, beautiful cities, little … [Read more...]

“Tea Time” Pumpkin Mousse Tartlets

featured pic

Good Morning Sunshine..... Well the sun is starting to edge its head up over the ridge.....The weather here in Northeast Pennsylvania has been very cooperative the last few weeks, we had a bit of snow but not enough to wake up the shovel which i sound asleep on the deck! If it's up to me, he can sleep all winter! Yesterday we had a beautiful red fox, lingering up on the hill under the Birches, no doubt hoping for a free meal.....Bradford the Bear - you remember him? well, he seems to have finally realized it way past his bedtime and has hopfully found a nice warm den to cuddle up in till … [Read more...]