“Tea Time” Pumpkin Mousse Tartlets

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Good Morning Sunshine..... Well the sun is starting to edge its head up over the ridge.....The weather here in Northeast Pennsylvania has been very cooperative the last few weeks, we had a bit of snow but not enough to wake up the shovel which i sound asleep on the deck! If it's up to me, he can sleep all winter! Yesterday we had a beautiful red fox, lingering up on the hill under the Birches, no doubt hoping for a free meal.....Bradford the Bear - you remember him? well, he seems to have finally realized it way past his bedtime and has hopfully found a nice warm den to cuddle up in till … [Read more...]

Sewing Room Gifts…


While visiting my dear friend Bettyann, the "Divine Ms. B" as she is known at Pineridge Hills....She  invited me over a few weeks before Christmas for Tea & freshly baked cake.....I was telling her I had just ordered several doll patterns so I could start creating a wardrobe for my granddaughters' new American Girl Dolls they were getting for Christmas. She said "Oh, Lois come with me!"......downstairs was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen! An actual, dedicated Sewing/Craft Room!  I mean, with wall to wall cabinets and counter tops and a sewing island in the middle! I was … [Read more...]

Now What?…..


So, the tree is down, lights packed away, ornaments lovingly wrapped up till next year.......Resolutions made, and promises we hope to keep.....and Spring just around the corner! Albeit, a wide corner but coming none the less! Today, New Year’s Day, my husband and I looked at each other and said "Now what?"......The house is quiet and smells, well, clean! No sugar cookies baking, or glazed ham and sweet potatoes cooking.  No twinkling lights...... the formal dining table that just last week hosted over twenty-five people is now quietly resting.  It’s all polished, and set with its … [Read more...]

Ringing in the new…..


....Happy New Year Everyone! Here's to hoping it's a good one........ Sounds like a song....yes, i know...it is a song....but the words are few but optimistic........and that is my 2015 "Word"...... Optimistic...... With all the anger and sadness we have seen this year, I just have to hope, no, be optimistic that next year will be better, brighter and a bit less frazzled... .....I turn sixty-two this summer, I don't know how, surely someone made a mistake!  Didn't my life just happen last week?  It was only yesterday that I was begging my mom to let me go to Woodstock, after she laughed … [Read more...]

“Merry Christmas To All…….”

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Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!  ......Pineridge Hills has been planning and scheming as to what we want to bring to you in 2015....and although we've been "Missing In Action" lately, its because I've been busy behind the scenes coming up with some new idea's to share with you in the new year.... I love blogging and although my first year was a learning process I've me tsuch wonderful people and have been mentored by some of the best so I'm going to share some new venues with you the first week of January.... One new feature will be "Country Visits".....I thought you … [Read more...]

Deck the Halls…….


Laundry is done, dogs are walked and now fast asleep in front of the fireplace....Wood is crackling and the sun is just starting to peek over Blueridge Mountain. I love this time of the morning, its so quiet and a great time to just sit for a bit and dive into one of my magazines....I'm not ready to give up the feel or the smell of a book or magazine. There's nothing like turning those pages and ooohing and aaahing! So here I am going through my favorite magazines and several of my Christmas books for quick little gifts and idea's for next week.... Over the weekend, I skimmed through Pinterest … [Read more...]

Twelve Days Left!

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Well, I've been trying to get ready for the 25th! But I think I may have to ask Christmas to start without me! ..........The inside is decorated and Sunday the outside will be all glittery in anticipation of the Big Guy coming down the chimney..... and I've gotten most of my gift-buying done thanks to the internet! Menu for our open house on Christmas Eve has been approved by all the elves..... .....But I still feel - not ready! .........What's wrong? This will be my Fortith Christmas Eve that I've hosted.....Maybe I'm just "Burntout"......I think Santa needs to bring me a Spa … [Read more...]

Country Christmas Table….

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This week would have been my Grandmother Anna's 122nd. Birthday! Can you imagine living that long and seeing the changes our world has gone through? She was the daughter of English & Irish immigrants. The art of cooking, baking and home-making was her legacy. She taught me when I was very young, how to crochet, sew and appreciate family heirlooms. And with every piece there was a story which I now try to always pass down to my grandchildren. On my grandmothers birthday, my mom and I would walk to her home with a big bouquet of flowers and a box of homemade fudge - her favorite. When we … [Read more...]

Oh, Christmas tree…

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Good Morning! I know it's been awhile.....so much going here on the mountain.... Thanksgiving was filled with family and a surprise visit from my neice who flew in thanksgiving morning from Florida! The whole family came for dinner, and we had such a wonderful day..... But now we need to get serious....three weeks to Christmas! so Thanksgiving weekend, the "Love of my life" and I got the house ready for Santa. we host an "Open House" on Christmas Eve so we needed to get a move on! The trees went up in the center hall and the dining room, garland on the mantles and all the Santa's came out … [Read more...]

Country breakfast….

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Good Morning Sunshine! ..........................Are you ready for breakfast? Well, pull up a chair, yes the fireplace smells wonderful...and, oh, look the sun is just starting to peek out above the White Pines.......Frost is covering the pumpkins out on the wagon....The deer are lingering around the Hemlocks up on the ridge.  Do you see them? And here comes the family of Turkeys that have moved in....They know they're safe here at Pineridge Hills! Do you like the new country table? Me too! I was almost giddy when the "Love of my life" finished it! Then when he brought in the Maine … [Read more...]