Country breakfast….

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Good Morning Sunshine! ..........................Are you ready for breakfast? Well, pull up a chair, yes the fireplace smells wonderful...and, oh, look the sun is just starting to peek out above the White Pines.......Frost is covering the pumpkins out on the wagon....The deer are lingering around the Hemlocks up on the ridge.  Do you see them? And here comes the family of Turkeys that have moved in....They know they're safe here at Pineridge Hills! Do you like the new country table? Me too! I was almost giddy when the "Love of my life" finished it! Then when he brought in the Maine … [Read more...]

October Bookclub Brunch

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  Spooky, suspensful what will happen next? Sounds like the chatter around the Bookclub Table at Pineridge Hills! This month we decided to read "The Walk" by Lee Goldberg..... ..."Marty Slack, a TV network executive, crawls out from under his Mercedes, parked outside what once was a downtown Los Angeles warehouse, the location for a new TV show. Downtown LA is in ruins. The sky is thick with black smoke. His cell phone is dead. The freeways are rubble. The airport is demolished. Buildings lay across streets like fallen trees. It will be days before help can … [Read more...]

Autumn Fear…Chapter 7

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.............Officer Pruett followed Maggie home, as she slowly pulled up the driveway, she realized there were no lights on inside.  She always has her lights on timers including the porch light.  Why weren't they on? As the officer got out of his car, he could see the fear on her face, she whispered as if someone close would overhear her.  "Officer, none of my lights are on and they should be".....He knew she was serious.  He took the lock off his gun, and asked her to stay behind him.  When they reached the front door, Maggie slowly put the key in the lock and turned the knob.  He then … [Read more...]

Legend of the Stone Couch…


".......The site is peculiar in its plainness. A flat stretch atop the mountain. No houses, no buildings. Nothing but woods. So very nondescript. So unassuming and not to be noticed. Except for a monolith of mystery. It rests there alongside the road, appearing, at first, to be a large rock. A second glance identifies it as a piece of furniture, a sofa made of stone. But this is one piece of furniture you don't want inside your house. Everybody knows about it. They call it the Curse of the Stone Couch, a phenomenon north of Weatherly surrounded by nothingness and yet charged with … [Read more...]

SSSSSSSSH – It’s a surprise!

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Good morning sunshine! yes the sun is out but its nippy up here on the mountain! Autumn forgot to tell us to get the sweaters out this past matter.....our kitchen is in full gear, I'm baking bread, there is a pot of Beef Stew on the stove and I'm knee deep in making chocolate heart-shaped pink lollipops! Ok...I'll tell you why but its a don't tell anyone..... Well...ok you can tell your sister and your neighbor......yes your first cousin on your mothers side and your niece in Altoona... oh Heck! its not that big of a secret! I decided that for my grandchildren's … [Read more...]


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Have you hugged a tree lately?.....No, really....... .........I love trees........ all trees........any shape, color, texture........Tall or Short.......does not matter........ Yes I am a tree hugger.........Why? well, things are so much nicer when a tree is involved! Picnics, playing hide and seek with the grandkids, a refuge from the sun.....the bearer of your initials forever........Family memories......the ever changing colors, the announcer of each season....the protector of birds and little critters....sigh.....and when a trees life is done it gives its beauty back in the form … [Read more...]

Autumn fear…..chapter 6

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Continued........ Maggie's' breathing became erratic, she could hardly keep from screaming but now instinct took over.   she knew she had to get out of there - now! She threw the Jag in reverse, almost hiting the dimming lamp-post and then franticly made a left out of the station and on  to First Street. She was headed towards Ocean Blvd. "Ok...Mags, just hold on - turn right and go two blocks to the police station". Before she could get to the Blvd. she had to ride  back over the tracks. Suddenly the railroad stop sign began to flash and ring, which echoed in the fog...the bar came … [Read more...]

“Autumn Fear” chapter 5….

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And so we can read our first four chapters here......... Maggie watched as the signs for Bayhead came into view. Every nerve in her body was wound so tight she wondered how would she drive home. Three miles from the station. It would prove to be the longest three miles of her life. She had always thought of herself as a quick thinking woman but sadly, now she could not even find her keys. The train pulled into the station. It seemed unusually quiet this cold October evening. The night fog was rolling in off the ocean and along with it came a chill that went right … [Read more...]

Breakfast Room DIY Drapes

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Have you ever walked through your favorite store and ...sighed.....Hmmmmm, how do I fit that into my budget? Oh, well another time..... That happened to me when I walked through Country Curtains.......I love the Buffalo Check drapes, but I have four more rooms of drapes to get done before the holidays and so had to pull myself away..... Then Boscov's sent me an email with unbelievable sales and I saw these beautiful tablecloths....I remembered Marty over at A Stroll Through Life had made drapes from these tablecloths for her living room! BAM! What have I got to loose? The only thing I … [Read more...]

Gold Leaf Clocks….

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And how are your weekend plans going? We are busy here......trying to get geared up for Fall - my most favorite time of year! But we still have to finish some projects like painting the small downstairs bathroom and installing the Travertine backsplash in the kitchen....will be sharing that with you soon...but for now I wanted to share my "new/old"  found hobby "Gold Leafing"....I grew up with parents who were in the framing and antiques business. My mom, taught me how to Leaf and cast dad could refinish an antique frame, and if a piece was missing he could reproduce it from … [Read more...]