Soup Day!

John Hadamuscin / Down Home Cookbook

I know most people think of Autumn when they hear Soup......but not me - I am a soup-crazed lady! It doesn't matter what month it is, there is always room for soup! And one of my favorite soups is from Chef and Entertaining Stylist John Hadamuscin....he is a down home family style chef......I have all his cookbooks. He was raised in the Midwest, and his cookbooks are not only filled with delicious recipes but a story accompanies each one....about his mom's kitchen, life on the farm and his life in New York City! Today I'm making his version of "Wild Rice & Mushroom Soup" of my … [Read more...]

We are on Hometalk!


Hi everyone! Just to let you know PineRidge is now on Hometalk! come on over and visit my board Heartfelt Homemade Gifts.........So much going on, all your DIY questions about Home & Garden  and lots of idea's over on Hometalk..... You can also share your own projects as well as ask questions to the HomeTalk community!   … [Read more...]

Lakeside Weekend…

026 done

So Saturday morning we awoke to bright sunlight and warm air flowing thru the windows....YES! Down the stairs, coffee is brewing for the "Love of my life", tea is in my mug and the smell of bacon is throughout the entire kitchen....The sun is up and I'm on the deck inspecting the Tulips, Croctus', and Hyacinths.....everything survived that snowfall we had two weeks ago....So with camera in hand I started "Tip-toeing through the tulips" so to speak! I had forgotten what the colors all were from when I planted all 240 bulbs! And the aroma of them! So delicate yet so … [Read more...]

Country Picnics…….


Hello everyone! Did you have a great weekend? Here in Northern Pennsylvania the weather was beautiful! And today is 70 degrees.  My kind of weather.....Everyone is outside, wheel-barrows are filled with dirt, mulch and new plants for the garden.  Neighbors are waving to each other and gossiping over rakes and hoes.  I always wonder why it takes my husband so long to mow the front of the house in early Spring, then I realized he stops to talk to everyone who passes by either by pickup, car or horse! We were busy starting to get ready for Spring to really hit us! We started taking inventory of … [Read more...]

Gift Baskets…


I think I've been giving "Food Gifts & Baskets" for a thousand years! Well, probably since the early eighty's..... When we purchased our first home on the Jersey shore, for the first time we were living in a "Child-Friendly development.  The first day we moved in my neighbor, Joanne, came knocking with the most beautiful basket I had ever seen.  It was filled with all kinds of snacks and homemade food, along with fresh baked cookies and bread.  She was also thoughtful enough to put in a list of all the important phone numbers including hers and all the other neighbors. She tied together … [Read more...]

Happy Easter….

Easter Eggs

May all of you have a wonderful Easter filled with family, good Food and Happy Memories........ For all of us here in Northeast Pennsylvania - Mother Nature has finally let her hair down and Smiled! 60 degrees and sunny! Great day for the Easter Bunny to hide all his eggs........ Have a wonderful day from our mountain to yours.....     country Hugs, … [Read more...]

Weekend Bistro – Update

blog shot

I promised you I would give you my take on these eye-catching appetizers from Williams of my favorite sites.... Caramelized Onion & Apple Tarts with Gruyere and Thyme...... And the verdict is in - Delish!  Now, you know me, I have to add my own little something to it or increase the ingredients...The next time I make them I will add more Gruyere (My favorite) and more salt & pepper to taste. Also I think I might dry a little Merlot added in.  wine can only make it better!  I baked for 25 minutes.....might try it at around 22....... But all in all, another great … [Read more...]

Weekend Bistro

carmelized apple and gruyre tart

You must know by now that I love Williams Sonoma for their recipes....Most times they are adapted from actual Chef/Owner of restaurants. This one is adapted from a recipe by Chef Justine Kelly, The Slanted Door, San Francisco. I will be making them tomorrow, if they turn out as delicious as I expect them to, I might just surprise my daughter next week for her Easter Dinner! The "Love of my life" said "your doing the table setting, making side dishes, decorating - why didn't you just have Easter here?" I starred blankly at him and without hesitation I said "Isn't it time for the dogs to go for … [Read more...]

Easter In The Country


Its a rainy day here on the mountain, there's a layer of fog that's slowly making its way up the ridge. It looks eerie and calming all at the same time.....All my running around was done yesterday so today I'm going to hang out with my oven and the rest of the gang in the kitchen....yes I know, Spring can't come quick enough when one starts naming the pots & pans! Well, as you all know, my daughter Tammy is hosting Easter Sunday Dinner...Bless her heart....but I am going to give her a helping hand. I've been visiting all over the net looking for a few recipes to get us away from the … [Read more...]

Spring Crafting….


So with spring comes the yearning to throw oneself into a pile of mulch...well, maybe not everyone but you get the idea! I can't wait to walk into the woods without boots, a coat and gloves! While, anticipating warm breezes and my tulips and daffodils, I started hunting for some Spring crafts and Easter idea's to get a jump on.... Along the way I found some of the best tips for a second pair of "Helping Hands" and some  great idea's that I had to share with all of you..... Sharpen your scissors by cutting sand paper. Place a little bit of Vaseline to the end of your glue gun to get … [Read more...]